A Short Post on Technological Success

Blogging is a new and uncharted territory for me. I am a master at many things, including those of a creative nature. My organizational skills are topnotch. I have an above normal capability for spelling. My culinary creations are without a doubt, highly successful. However, let me say that I am not a master at the internet. I can type; I can point and click. It’s all I need to know. Like addition, subtraction… these are computations to keep the checkbook balanced. Calculus is a frilly non-necessity.

Today I figured out how to replace my ho-hum banner with a beloved photo I took of some beachside homes. (When I am down, I like to think of this location.) I have to admit, this was not done solely on my own. I had excellent directions from my internet boyfriend.

Thank you, MIL.


13 Responses

  1. Calculus is indeed frilly. I like it better than frilly underpants.

    Hmm. That isn’t saying much. I think calculus is one of the prettiest ideas I’ve ever encountered.

    I do like your new banner. My liking of it is nothing compared to my adoration of you. You are ever so welcome. MIL.

    I’m liking that acronym too.

  2. ooooooooooh…..I’ve said it before, it bears repeating–your internet boyfriend is a smart smart man. 🙂

  3. Great job and wonderful photo. I think I’m going to fix a bunch of my favorite photos so they’re all ready to use when I get the urge to change my header. The one I use now is pretty special to me so I don’t know when I will change it but at least I’ll be prepared.

    Your IBF rocks!

  4. He sure does.

    I hope our relationship is not going to cause some other woman to come here and kick my ass.

  5. If I was a woman he would be mine.

  6. Pan I’m gonna kick your ass. (I just had to say that).

  7. A lot has to do with your ability to follow the directions — he gave instructions to me, too,and I still couldn’t figure it out.

  8. I tried to put one of those Sonific Song Spots on my blog but couldn’t figure it out so maybe I can borrow your IBF. I promise I won’t try to take him from you. Besides, I am pretty sure he’s a one IGF type of guy.

  9. Scout, I figured out the Sonific thing on my own. Maybe there is hope for me yet.

  10. I can only think of one woman who might be able to kick your ass and she’s not going to because she’s sweet.

    Wanda is hot though.

    If Stevo were a woman, David and I would be too and we would have a lesbian threesome.

    Sorry David. I think I gave Pan longer winded instructions. I learned from my mistake on not giving you good ones. And, they were different tasks. And, I think I should say that I learned the stuff I told you (David) about from Stevo.

    Scout: Yep. You are so totally right. I’m a one IGF kind of guy. Oh! That reminds me of something hilarious. But, that’s for another venue. Maybe. I think I’ll have to check with the relevant person first.

    Pan: I’m gonna try that Sonific thing this afternoon. I may be emailing for help.

    And, I love you!

  11. Well, I still love you. As if there were any doubt.

  12. Aw, shucks BGG.

  13. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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