On Big Heads and Shoe Rooms

This is a repost from a blog from somewhere else, because today I am too lazy-busy-tired-sick to write anything fresh. I think I contracted whatever disease my daughter has.

Yesterday, I came home from work at about 6:30. This is late for me, but I am working on two elementary school year books, and I do that on my spare time (like I have spare time). They’re due at the publishers next Friday, so it’s crunch time. It felt good to finally leave the office.

As I pulled up to the house, I noticed my neighbors were outside, working in the yard. In comparison, our yard is very neglected. For those of you who don’t know, we bought our 80 year old house from an attorney and his ex-attorney-now-romance-novelist wife. They lived here for fifteen years but it looks like they didn’t work in the yard at all.

I noticed the man (he’s Japanese and slight) and his wife (she’s not Japanese, but she’s really thin, jogs, which makes me want to strangle her) were wearing matching baseball caps. They looked very cute together, raking up leaves and putting them into the brown refuse bags.

This led me to think about hats and heads. I have always loved hats, but I have a big head. I’m sure having a big head doesn’t mean there’s more brains in my head, but you never know. Now that I think of it, everyone on my side of the family has a big head. My son’s head was so big, he had to be delivered by C-section. When he was a baby, he had to wear adult caps. Now he’s an adult, has enough hair for a pony tail, and still has a big head.

Because of my big head, most hats don’t fit me, including most baseball caps. My neighbor’s head is very small. Her baseball cap was practically falling off her head! This made me very jealous. I would love to have a hat which would make my head look smaller.

Then I went into the house and kicked off my shoes in the “shoe room.” You see, I am half Japanese. Because of this, I have never worn shoes in the house. We have always placed them on racks by the door. When we moved into this 80 year old house, we started calling the back entry way the “shoe room.” It’s kind of funny, because my husband is German/Swedish and though he had never taken his shoes off at the door before he met me, he loved the idea from the get-go. He says, “well, it will save wear and tear on the carpeting,” which is exactly what my dad said. Both are not Japanese, and both are Scorpios.

Because it’s been warm outside, the shoe room has started to take on a piquant odor. I think it’s time for a thorough cleaning and some deodorizer.

11 Responses

  1. You write too often for me to keep up Pan. Phooey.

  2. Phooey to you-ey.

  3. I think this one slipped through my memory.

    Hats! I love hats! I have indoor hats and outdoor hats. Getting hats that fit just right isn’t easy.

    I also think umbrellas are a wonderful thing. They’re quite alluring.

    I think that not wearing shoes inside is a sign of being civilized. We don’t wear shoes indoors here in Canada either.

    Finally (for this comment), I feel great comfort in knowing that one can quite reasonably leave one comment here with several topics in it instead of leaving bunches of comments with nothing in them.

  4. I like the idea of a Shoe Room. I hate shoes so I only wear them when I am going out. Of course, we don’t have a shoe room so I end up wearing them inside and kicking them off as soon as possible. This leads to my never being able to find my shoes when I need to put them on to go out.

  5. This one snuck by me at that other place, too.

    I’m sorry you’re sick. I bet there is no chance your daughter will go get you chicken soup, right?!

    I would make some for you from scratch, if I were there. I make good chicken soup!

    I’m sending you a virtual bowl of it!

  6. BGG, I think I should unearth my post about my umbrella. I have a very beautiful one, which I obtained from eBay. I didn’t notice where it was from until the package arrived. Then I saw that the place was just a mile or so from my son. He could have picked it up for me, but it would have made him appear very girly to carry around a yellow and orange umbrella.

    I really wish I could get a decent hat to fit.

    Thanks, Corina. Your virtual bowl of soup tastes yummy! You know that my daughter feels better, so she is off with the boyfriend. He must have cured her last night. 🙂

  7. I’m sorry to hear that you’re ill, and hope it is a 24-hour bug like your daughter had, rather than a 7-day bug like the one I had. If it’s the 7-day version, I recommend medicine through the mailbox. It won’t help, but it will make a good anecdote later.

    I waver on no-shoes rules in my house. I never wear shoes in the house myself, but when ladies visit –whether they are friends or ladies whom I am hoping to have as more than friends — and their shoes have obviously been chosen to complement their clothing, I have trouble asking for them to be taken off. Also if I do not know the visitor well, I worry about fungus and other things from bare feet and dirty socks. I should really get a supply of slippers or something, but I never get around to it, and then I feel that it would seem even weirder to insist that people take off their shoes and put something else on before walking around in my house. I believe this is known as a lose-lose situation.

    I always have a cap of some kind crunched up in my coat pocket, since we have so much rain here; umbrellas just aren’t worth the trouble, and since my hair is always an unruly mess anyway, it doesn’t matter whether I take a hat on and off all day.

  8. I was thinking of that umbrella photograph on the other other place.

    Reading David makes me want to ask, “How is it that you have the energy to be neurotic all day every day?” I mean, I try being neurotic but I just don’t have the energy to do it all the time. Sometimes, I just have to rest and be mellow.

    On a separate note, my kids noticed a jack-o-lantern that had a peace symbol carved into it instead of a face. They pointed it out and suggested that the people living there might be hippies too. Good grief. Even my kids think I’m a hippie. I’m not. I just want to state that I’m completely normal. I wear normal clothes. I listen to normal music. I am in no way a freak of any sort.

    Aha! So that’s what typing lies feels like. It’s quite easy really. That must be why it is so common.

    Hmm. I’m staying up a bit later than I expected I would be and that was stream of consciousness stuff not caused by being here. I’m just typing it here ’cause I like coming to this blog.

    I think all of this clarifying of stuff has rather removed the whole lying thing I did above. I think it has also removed what might appear to be snippiness.

    I hope so. There aren’t supposed to be ‘secret messages’ in this comment. I’m just rambling on and on so that you have something to read in the morning at which point I hope you are fully recovered but if not maybe this will give you a mild chuckle but not so big of one that you hurt your tummy.

  9. Believe me, BGG, if I could figure out how to use that energy for something other than being neurotic, I’d do it faster than you could say “goat fetish.”

    I think people should be more grateful for the fact that I’m neurotic. If you consider exactly how neurotic I am, and the amount of concentration and energy it requires to keep it up 24/7/365, you can easily see that if I were to direct that effort and attention elsewhere, I would probably have become an evil world dictator by now, and you would be my crawling slave.

    (Anyone who would like to volunteer to be my crawling slave may do so at any time. You’ll spend most of your time disinfecting things, but I’ll feed you well.)

  10. I imagine there is a line of ladies at the cyber-door waiting to do just that, David. You’d probably have to get over your neurosis to let one of them near you.

    BGG, your comment inspired me to post something new. Thank you for your supposed secret message.

  11. my master will not allowed me to wear shoes ansd socks in the house ,when we go and vist some one master will said shoes and socks off now then i put them by the door

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