Ramblings on My “Deathbed”

I dislike writing about being sick, but yesterday I was overcome by a horrible illness. I think it was the flu. One minute, I was feeling great, and thirty minutes later, I had a terrible headache and felt like vomiting up the nothing I had for breakfast. Because my husband is out of town, I felt compelled to stay at work, but as the morning wore on, I became sicker. Alarmingly so.

I dislike going to the doctor. One reason is that our health insurance is terrible. If I’m not half dead and it’s not time for the yearly check up, I won’t go. The other reason is that I am too busy to be sick. It takes time to see the doctor, and I don’t have that kind of time. Yesterday, however, I almost called 911.

So at noon, I went home. I prayed the entire time that I would drive back safely and not slam my car into the side of another. Once home, I took some aspirin, located our fluffy little kitten, grabbed a coverlet and headed for the couch. I also snagged a sleeve of Town House crackers and a bottle of Sprite.

Kitty was happy to have company in the middle of the day. She cried incessantly and sniffed me up and down. Even though she had cat food breath, I was too weak to brush her away. Eventually she made a little nest in the crook of my armpit and fell asleep.

I had one of those fitful naps, because I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was dying. Dreams filled the entire afternoon. In one dream, I heard a stranger come into the house. He took my head in both hands and flung me off the couch. I was a tangled mess on the floor, and his hands were still there. The kitten just clung to my blanket. So I woke up a little, and realized I was still on the couch. Then I thought, if I die and my daughter comes home from school, she’ll freak out. Her father is not here. She won’t know who to call! I couldn’t tell if that was a dream or not.

My daughter did come home, grabbed the kitten and ran upstairs. I woke up a little and ate a couple more crackers.


6 Responses

  1. You poor thing. Definitely don’t die before your husband comes home. Your daughter, if she’s anything like my children, won’t know how to clean up the mess, and you’ll begin to smell.

  2. Yuck. Those weird sickness things where one feels a little better after feeling like death warmed over and thus pushes oneself because one thinks one is all better drag on forever. At least they do for me because I lack the will power to force myself to rest properly. Yuck. I think I’ll send you a nice long affectionate email tomorrow or Monday.

  3. I’m sorry you’re sick. I’m glad you had kitty company. I’m glad you made it home without slamming your car into anything.

    You need to take it easy. You’ve been sick a while. Vitamin C. Rest. Lots of liquids.

    If you need a nurse, call me and I’ll be there!

  4. Thanks, P’Mousse. He came home in the middle of the night, having driven all the way from Nashville. As luck would have it, I felt better, so I derived no sympathy from him. I often have recurring “day-mares” about finding a loved one dead at home. This actually happened with my mother in law. We didn’t find her, but my sister in law did. I know I would be momentarily freaked out, but I believe I could think myself through the crisis. My daughter, on the other hand, can’t think herself through a chemistry test. So, yes, I’d probably be a smelly mess before anyone found me.

    Sickness dreams are the worst. They so border on reality that it’s difficult to tell where the dream begins and ends.

  5. At least your ass isn’t broken.

  6. True! 🙂

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