Impending Doom

Have you ever had that sick feeling that you’ve done something so terrible, the kind of thing you will never forgive yourself for in a thousand years?

Have you ever wished you could take your actions back, wished you could have chosen the right option, the high road, the ethical thing?

And after you have taken the wrong turn, have you ever felt the twisted pang in your gut eat at you? Have you ever asked forgiveness which falls on deaf ears, and that empty action just makes your stomach churn all the worse?

Has someone called for your assistance, but it was too late?

8 Responses

  1. Hey…I hope you’re okay. I don’t like the tone of this post.

  2. I’m fine.

  3. You sure?

  4. It sounds like your human.

  5. I saw this in the RSS box and said, “uh oh.” Glad to hear you are OK; hope things get better (if this isn’t just rhetorical).

  6. I get that impending doom feeling often. It’s not pleasant. Hope everything is okay.

  7. Hi.

    I’m not online much either this weekend. You are sweet and we’ll have fun talking to each other later.

    I just wanted to say “hi”.

  8. I just remembered something. I thought about just writing this as my comment here:


    But, then, I thought that wouldn’t be polite so I didn’t. I think it might have been funny.

    In actual news of how things are going in my life, the funeral yesterday was mostly beautiful — more a celebration of her life than lamenting her death. The fact that it was cut short is truly sad and it was acknowledged as such without in any way detracting from how she was when she was alive. The new baby was really cute.

    I’m going to finish my post and not bother reading any more posts today since I have other things to do.

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