Update on Thanksgiving

1. I cleaned both bathrooms, and started dusting my son’s room and the spare room. Then I went into cooking frenzy.

2. The turkey was excellent! A little dry, because I had to turn it down to give time for the chicken to cook.

3. THE CHICKEN. The chicken was scary! First of all, it weighed seven pounds. Second of all, the legs on it seemed much smaller than a normal chicken’s legs. Third of all, it appeared to be roundish in nature, and looked like a bowling ball in its bag. Fourth of all, it had some kind of slime on it. (I don’t know if that was because it was Amish?) Fifth of all, even though it was in the oven more than four hours, the meat was hard as a rock. I couldn’t even poke a fork into it. My daughter resigned herself to eating the dried out turkey.

3. The yams were delicious! I made them candied. I’m the only person who likes yams.

4. The corn was disappointing. I’m never buying frozen again.

5. The homemade gravy was amazing!

6. The potatoes… well, there’s a post within a post. I usually leave the skins on my redskins, but my daughter moaned that she would for ONCE like to have mashed potatoes that were skinless and whipped. I made them that way, and she didn’t eat any.

7. The dressing. It was edible, but I don’t eat it. That’s my husband’s favorite part of the meal.

8. The kitty attempted to nose-dive into all of it.

9. The cranberry sauce was canned, but I love it.

10. Pumpkin pie was homemade, from pumpkin I grew in the back yard. We used low fat Land-o-Lakes whipped cream.

All in all, it was pretty good. I still have a food hangover.

10 Responses

  1. While I’ve always made the Thanksgiving dinner, except for the last 2 years which is a whole ‘nother Oprah, I’ve alway had a problem with handling the bird. Your chicken reference brings these horrible memories to mind. I would always have to wear rubber gloves to prepare it. The wings would be all flappy and the legs would get a stand-uppish kind of look to them. You know what it was, don’t you? Just a big, dead bird.

  2. Some people are afraid of birds, especially those dead ones flying into one’s mouth.

  3. Yeah. That’s the one.

  4. You almost scared me away with that comment.

    But, I’ll brave anything for you.

    So, I’m here. I’m commenting.

    Number 6 gave me a whimsical smile. Our connection isn’t just through sandwiches. Our youngest children are so similar in character that I’m beginning to wonder if you are actually just me transplanted to an alternate universe.

  5. Wouldn’t that be scary, BGG? That just reaffirms my belief in reincarnation. We’re just the same couple million people recycled.

  6. So, does that mean that if we have sex, it is just masturbation?

  7. What about this? If we masturbate, are we really having sex?

  8. Ooo! That is a better way to look at it.

  9. I got as far as the mutant slimy strange-legged Amish chicken,and decided I didn’t want to know about the rest of your meal.

  10. I guess I should have left the mutant chicken for last then…

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