It’s Such a Small World, and I Don’t Have Much Time


First off, I have to say that someone put that earworm “It’s a Small World” into my head, and now all I can think of is the Disney music which goes with that infernal ride. Whoever dreamed that one up should be executed by hanging, lethal injection or firing squad, and all reminders of the “small world” should be thrown into a bonfire. For those of us suffering the post traumatic stress syndrome – earworm effects, we should all be given unlimited psychiatric services provided by DisneyCorp.

I am reminded of how small the world is when learning MIB and I like the same Subway sandwiches. I’m also reminded when my baby sister tells me her best friend moved here and works at a computer place where one of my ex-employees and ex-tenants works, and they know each other. I don’t need Disney to blast that mantra to me.

Ah, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

I forgot that I spent Thanksgiving putting up my Christmas tree. It’s an artificial one that I’ve had for fifteen years. (If you want to, you can read about it here:

Fifteen years is a long time in Christmas tree years. I believe it’s a long time in dog years and human years. During assembly, I noticed my tree was getting a little worn. Some of its limbs have lost their snap. Some have twisted off completely. It’s a magnificent tree, but I may have to retire it next year, hopefully to a shelter or school where it will get a couple more years of use.

This morning, I walked through the living room where the tree was, on the way to giving my bird some water. In tripping over boxes, I realized I haven’t finished putting it up yet! I was waylaid by the Thanksgiving turkey. Now I will have to find the time to finish putting up the ornaments, and I’m not sure when that will be. Last year, the same problem existed. I didn’t take it down until the end of January.

My dilemma is that I have too many commitments and not enough time. This is a huge problem. I started rewriting my novel for NaNoWriMo and became stalled by sickness and travel. In a way, I feel like like a loser for not keeping my head on task. I do feel good in that now I believe I have developed the story and the characters; it’s just a matter of getting everything down perfectly.

I’ve also not done much Christmas shopping yet. Christmas will be a low-key event this year. I don’t want anything, really. My son and his girlfriend will be here two weeks, and that’s present enough for me. My son, likewise, doesn’t want anything. He’s happy for the plane tickets. My husband, I’m not sure. He’s extremely difficult to buy for. Now, my daughter, she will come up with a catalog-styled booklet of her wish list. I told her that since times are not as flush as the last two years, she will not be receiving all that’s on her list.

I can’t believe it’s the end of November. Where does the time go?


13 Responses

  1. The consumerist mania that has eaten Christmas makes me just a little bit crankier every year. Talk about earworms. This is the season for them. I find myself humming the infernally upbeat ones after leaving the grocery store (or any other public space).

  2. The last few days I’ve been thinking about a song that a friend of mine wrote. It is entitled “Too many hands on my time.” I had a bit of an urge to write a post with that title but couldn’t bring myself to do so.

    We just got a new artificial tree. We’ve been using real ones lately. They do smell nice but there’s just something wrong about killing more trees. I don’t think we’ll be putting it up until a week before Christmas. I hope the cats don’t try to eat it.

  3. Oh, that’s another problem. This little kitty we adopted may try to climb it like it tries to climb everything else. Maybe a bare tree?

    BGG: The “real” tree proponents always claim that using a real one is less harmfull on the enviroment. However, after learning that the price of real trees is going up 20% due to the surge in the looney, I’m thinking I will stay with artificial, especially this year.

  4. I’ve used artificial trees for about 25 years. They can’t be beat. I figure I may have gone through 3 of them in that time span, vs. 25 trees I would have killed.

    My cats have never tried to climb an artificial, although my daughter’s dog did one year. My cats have always preferred to just sit underneath and pretend they were a present.

  5. Pan: I can believe that using a real tree is less harmful than getting a new artificial tree each year but I am much less inclined to believe that one artificial tree is more harmful than fifteen years worth of real trees.

    Suzy: It isn’t the climbing the that I’m worried about. It is the eating. One of my cats eats things that are inedible. One time the resulting surgery cost us $1000.

  6. That’s one expensive cat!

  7. The weather is unseasonably warm here, so waking up to thurs being Thanksgiving was odd. Now, we are reminded that Christmas is a month away.

  8. This morning I woke up to news of another fire in southern California, in Malibu. Talk about a small world! One of the women they interviewed as she fled her house with only her laptop is a woman I went to college with.

    BTW, there are worse songs than It’s A Small World to get stuck in your mind. My kids used to watch Shari Lewis and she ended her show with The Song That Never Ends. That’s the one I hate.

  9. Bobby, I’d be worried about the cats eating it,too. We had a cat die suddenly shortly after Christmas one year, and I’ve often wondered whether it was the tree.

    Pan, take it easy and don’t beat yourself up.

  10. Where has November gone? A flash and it was (almost) gone.

    I have an 8-inch fake Xmas tree. Since there is no Christmas in China there’s no need for a big tree, real or otherwise. I have contemplated stringing lights around the palm trees in the garden just to get a reaction from neighbors, and security.

  11. Let go of anything that doesn’t contribute to your feeling happy, relaxed, and Christmassy. I gave up Christmas cards many years ago, for instance–if you have a computer you might get one from me, but again, maybe not. And since we travel, many years I don’t put up a tree–but just in case I feel the urge, I have a cast-iron one that is basically an enormous ornament-display. That because the little tree that we had for many years and dearly loved is too small for our current space–and proved NOT climbable.

    Hang in there, Pan!

  12. This is irrelevant to this post but I just have to tell you and I think having others see it is good in that it might make them laugh too.

    I was folding laundry today and on picking up a pair of my sweetie’s panties, I thought “Hey! My IGF has panties just like these.” That made me laugh. I am indeed crazy sometimes.

    Oh. And, that cat was worth is. He’s so completely sweet that I cannot describe him in a little comment box.

  13. Oh my. Now I’m embarrassed.

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