Don’t Try to Have Sex When You’re Suffering From a Bad Back

For the obvious reasons, although not obvious to me until after the act. There’s momentary pleasure, but the resultant excruciating pain is not worth the wa-hoo.

7 Responses

  1. You just didn’t find the right position. I should put you in touch with my mother’s friend the stripper with a slipped disc … through much experimentation, she and her husband found several configurations that permitted mutual satisfaction with minimal collateral damage.

  2. Don’t try it with a broken ass either.

  3. Ouchers! :/ I hope you at least got a BIG O out of it.

  4. Yeah… the big O, and then the big OUCH.

  5. Our showerhead is install but we still can’t test because it isn’t caulked yet. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

  6. Ouch! There are ways, but you can’t be sure it works until it’s to late.

  7. My tub was on its way, but the truck broke down. My bathroom remodel is starting to look like something that should never be.

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