The Kitten from Outer Space

Once there was a kitten, a very usual looking kitten. She was small and black and white, with a little smudge on her nose. She looked like she was dressed in a tuxedo but had a brief accident with a Sharpie marker. Her eyes were translucent blue, the color of the sky on a spring morning just after the rains came. The kitten’s name was Frida Celeste, but she was usually just referred to as “Free.” After all, Frida Celeste is a lot of syllables to spit out all at once.

Free was a typical kitten except for one thing: she was from outer space. Most of the time, she kept her cover well. She would eat, sleep and purr contentedly just like an Earth kitten. As per her instructions from her Mother Planet, Free’s job was to blend in with Earth people and to propagandize her earthly keepers. After proper indoctrination, the earthly keepers would be zapped up to the Mother Planet. Free didn’t know what the exact reason was for the transporting of the humans, but she assumed it had to do with the need for slaves to keep the other space kitties in the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed. It has been known throughout the galaxy that earthlings are well suited to being the slaves of space kitties.

While Free was very adept at keeping her secret, every once in a while, she would be overcome by an urge to act celestial. Her pools of blue eyes would glaze over and she would become crazy. She jumped at shadows and tackled dust bunnies under the bed. Her lapse into prior behavior only lasted a few minutes, and she would tire of the fun. Most likely this was due to the lack of oxygen on Earth. Then Free would be content to purr, upside down, and fall asleep.

Her mission was almost accomplished. Her earthly keepers were almost ready to be zapped back to the Mother Planet.

7 Responses

  1. I. LOVE. THIS!!!!!

    And I love, love, love that her nickname is Free! 🙂 Go, Pan!

  2. Sounds like someone I know.

  3. I believe her new name is Free, Attack Space Kitten.

  4. My daughter’s cat has us wrapped around his paws. I played with him (finding his jingle bell ball) for about three hours this afternoon. I’m pooped! He’s full of energy.

  5. This is completely lovely.

    I rather wish I hadn’t ever used things related to my cats as security questions thus preventing me from ever posting anything about my cats names.

  6. Oh, the secret is out now! 🙂

  7. I like this!

    And I think Free’s cousin lives with us.

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