A Layer of Fog Makes Me Lazy

It snowed last night after an enormous wind and bit of a chill; big, wet and fluffy flakes danced to the earth in the midnight calm. “They” (those meteorologists-who gave them a license to be wrong all the time?) said we could possibly get three to six inches of snow and that news sent the entire area into a panic, but instead we only received a dusting. This morning the temperature warmed to 40 degrees, and now we are covered in a layer of fog as well as a coating of snow.

Since the sky, the houses, and the streets have melted into a canvas of varying shades of gray, my ambition has lost color as well.

I think I will lay in bed, a heating pad on my back, and invite the Space Cadet Kitten to join me under the down.

12 Responses

  1. It’s cold and wet here. It got down to the low 30’s last night, then we got the rain that wasn’t forecast! Loud, fat, fast, frenzied raindrops woke me up in the middle of the night.

    It’s warmer today. I think it’s about 48 but it’s windy and damp and very gloomy. I’ve been out already. Now I’m back in to heat my feet before going out again. I’m trying to do a little bit of shopping.

  2. We’re in pretty much the same boat. I don’t mind a down day. It actually feels kind of nice for a change.

    I’m sure I won’t say this in February.

  3. I love to see it snow, but the nasty, cold gray, aftersnow is such a letdown.

  4. I woke to a balmy 70 degree day, but this evening the north wind brought in a bit of cold. Gray days are great for space kitty cuddle time.

  5. Corina wrote “cold and wet”! That made me laugh. Thanks. It can’t be both cold and wet. If the water is liquid, it is warm.

    I rather wish the sun would come up before I got to work.

  6. There are varying degrees of warm and wet. A rain in the Bahamas doesn’t feel like rain in the northern Midwest. Just saying.

  7. I tend to like fog and storms but it did get a little gloomy yesterday. I wrote a bit about it, too.

  8. OK. Yes. One can get cold and wet. It needs to go up about 30 degrees for that to happen here.

    I suppose I should be thankful that it is a dry cold. But, I can’t say more about the cold without causing a language warning. (OK. I know nobody really gives language warnings but I’m figuring that I’ll just pretend that I’m couth).

  9. You’d be the last person on earth that I would think of as giving a language warning.

  10. I remembered my naming convention for cold weather. 0 is nice, -20 is cold, -30 is evil cold, -40 is where I start swearing.

    I remember one morning, Daddy was all excited. It was -47. “Wow! That’s really cold! OK. You’ll need snow pants and make sure to wear a scarf. You should walk quickly on your way to school.” Thanks Dad. 😛

  11. Yikes! Anything under 30F and I’m getting ugly.

  12. I have a cold calculator as well. It’s in the coats and jackets I wear. 30-40, I have a thin leather coat. 20-30, something in wool. 10-20, down-filled. Under 10 and I have to drag out the fur.

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