Captured Under a Dome of Gray

A winter ice storm just barely missed us, and for this I am thankful. There was only a thin coating on my sidewalk and car. I do not winter easily, especially here. It seems that in the process of aging, my bones are getting more and more brittle and my tolerance for cold is less and less.

And now a dome of gray has captured us. Like bugs trapped under the glass, we are powerless to move beyond our sphere. This shade of gray, like the underside of a tabby, like a blanket of wool, envelops and surrounds. It numbs the senses, and makes us lethargic. Nap time beckons, but we cannot answer the call. We are kept just barely alive by the glow of florescent lighting.

When spring returns, we will be thin and spindley like plants that have not received enough sunshine. Outside the dome of gray, we will finally blossom.

I can hardly wait.

7 Responses

  1. *crawls into Pan’s lap to keep her warm, circles up and purrs loudly*

  2. Thank goodness for kitties!

  3. The weather here today is good. We had a fresh batch of snow last night and it is sunny and warm today. This is fortunate since it was too cold for my sweetie’s van to start so I had to bus it. Yeah, I know I said it was warm. It is warm compared to what it was. It is still to cold for the van to start.

    I was going to say more and now I feel suddenly stunned.

  4. It’s misty moisty here, and the fog was awful driving home from work.

  5. It is cold here. Sunny. Windy. Cold. Or at least cold for California.

  6. “Cold for California” is a heat wave to me.

  7. Wonderful imagery here.

    I can’t let myself think like this, yet. We have too much winter ahead of us that needs to be survived.

    Right now, I try to find something to look forward to each day. I may choose it to be an evening spent with the wood burner in the sunroom, an evening snuggled into the den with a good book, or gabbing in the pool hall, playing with each other.

    I think that having a lot of venues open to us each day helps the winter doldrums.

    Hmmm. Maybe I should write about that.

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