Why I Don’t Bring My Violin To Work

I was asked by a co-worker today why I don’t bring my violin to work.

There are several good reasons. To begin with, it’s very cold outside, and my violin is a newer one. The slightest change in temperature causes the strings to go out of tune. This used to be a major problem, until I bought myself a digital tuner. Now I am much better at tuning my instrument, although not much better.

Another reason is that I’m not very good yet. I don’t want to subject the masses to my terrible playing. I sound much better when someone accompanies me, but I don’t have much of an occasion for that to happen. My husband won’t. Ditto for my daughter.

I think I need to find some new people to play with!

Anyway, a violin is not a good thing to bring to the work place. I can see a possible worker’s compensation claim if I ever decided to play here.


15 Responses

  1. Maybe you should bring your tuba.

  2. I keep a guitar and mandolin at work at all times. (I am a doc) One time the power went out, and it scared all the old folks, but I went around the office like a pied piper and led them all to the central hall where we had the emergency lights, and everyone was happy.
    Visit me at the first physician bluegrass fiction writer’s weblog. I like your music- I think you are dang good, myself.

    Dr. B

  3. I’m sure you’re much better than you think. Anyway, would they really know the difference ?

  4. I was horrible when I played but of course, that was when I was in third grade. We were all horrible then. I don’t blame you for not taking it to work. I don’t think I would, either.

  5. I now know what I’m going to buy my sweetie for Christmas. You are wonderfully inspiring. Or my mind works in mysterious ways. Or both.

    I don’t know why I’m so fond of full stops today.

  6. I’m sure you will think of something appropriate. Don’t buy her a violin.

  7. A violin is a good way to find out who your friends are.
    Your friends will tell you that you stink, others will smile politely at you.

  8. How can jojo have left a comment on December 14 when it’s only the 13th? Is he in some kind of time warp?

    Start out with your kazoo and work up to the violin. It’s all about baby steps, you know.

  9. Wow. I left a comment in the future, too.

  10. I’m going to comment and see if I did it tomorrow.

  11. I didn’t buy a violin. I did get something.

    I’ve seen the comment in the future thing before. It is pretty cool!

    I found a website where one can email one’s future self (or anyone else for that matter). The idea is that the email gets delayed for months or years. Weird thing that.

  12. I’m wondering if it is how I set my time. I can’t figure out how to set it correctly. BGG? Some assistance, maybe?

  13. It’s under Options->General at the bottom of the page. You enter a number and press the ‘update’ button. It shows what time the output will be so you can change the number a bit until it is right.

  14. If you’re seriously looking for other folks to play with, ask your teacher whether there are other students who would like to do the same thing. Your teacher probably knows people who teach other instruments as well, so you could get a group of folks at roughly the same skill level.

    I don’t know where exactly you live, but in some parts of the country (my part being one of them) Craigslist is a great resource for starting groups.

  15. I tried Craigslist a while ago. No one here reads it much. Either that, or my reputation has preceded me.

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