The New Year and Resolutions

I’m dumbfounded with amazement when I hear what other people have planned for their New Year’s resolutions.

Some are going to read fifty books. Some are going to travel, some go back to school. Some are going to take a rest.

My resolution seems paltry and small compared to these.

I just want to finish what I have started.

“Hello, my name is Pan, and I’m a closet procrastinator!” There has to be some sort of twelve step program for people like me.

I hop onto bandwagons only to fall off if there are situational changes in my life. These do not have to be mind-blowing changes. These could be simple things, like having to work late one night unexpectedly. Because I’m totally waylaid by these occurrences, there is no way in hell that I’d be able to read fifty books or go back to school.

I have only two things I want to accomplish this year. Two small things, which people with a mediocre amount of will power could probably achieve, but which always  seems to elude my grasp.

Number 1. I want to be healthy. I want to eat less, drink less and exercise more. Seems easy, right? You would think. The longest I kept to the schedule this year was three weeks. Then something happens. The basement floods. I get sick. My back goes out. It snows. I know this is a litany of lame excuses, but they’re the only ones I have so far.

Number 2. I really want to finish my novel. I was initially energized by NaNoWriMo, but then got misdirected by the blog thing happening at the same time. With the exception of one day (and that was a technicality, since I had thirty entries, but my date stamp was messed up), I managed to blog every day in November.  To me, this proved that I could write every day if I wanted to. The novel fell away, but I’m ready to tackle it again.

I don’t want a new Cadillac, I don’t want diamonds or fancy clothes. I don’t want to pray for world peace or that the remaining members of Badfinger will get back together. While I wouldn’t turn it down, I don’t even want to hit the Lotto jackpot. All I want is to complete two things that I started.

If I can satisfactorily do that, I might be able to get my To-Do list down from three dozen things to just a few.


11 Responses

  1. I’m not really here. You can tell that from my funny IP address.

    I’m leaving a comment because I adore you.

    I have something to say about your resolution. My sweetie made a similar resolution last year. Of course, she didn’t follow it perfectly but she followed it enough that it made both of our lives better.

    This computer sucks. I’m not sure this comment will work. When I’m really here again, I’ll leave a better comment.

  2. This is so me. I get a new habit all established, and then something happens…and things are never quite the same again.

  3. I’m not making resolutions for the new year, but I am setting a few goals. My first goal is much like yours. I want to eat healthier, exercise more, and drink less Pepsi and more water.

    I wish you luck with both of yours. When you become a famous author, I can say I knew you when.

  4. I have a kitten on the left side of my lap and the laptop on the other so let’s see how this works…

    I think your two projects are more than reasonable and doable.

    As far as being healthy, all you can do is your best and hope your body cooperates. Make a list of every day things you can do, like drink “x” ounces of water, then put that amount of water in a jug each day and make sure you drink it all. I know it sounds a lot easier than it is. As far as drinking, tell yourself you will only allow yourself “x” glasses of win (or whatever) and keep track of every glass you have.

    As far as the novel, I know you can do it. Make a contract with yourself. Something along the lines of “I will work on my novel a minimum of one hour per day.” Then stick to it. You can revise it as needed or wanted. You can even treat yourself. “When I get to 10,000 words written in my novel, I will buy myself ___________ (or go to _______).”

    Let me know if you want to enter a writing pact together. I have to finish my novel then edit it. So I can easily join you in writing the novel if you think it will help.

  5. I think they’re both worthy resolutions. They’re realistic too, so you should be able to accomplish them.

  6. Thanks to everyone, and I love you BGG, even though your computer sucks.

    You’re all right. I thought they were doable, but for some reason, at times they seem insurmountable.

    A writing pact! An excellent suggestion! Let’s do that, Corina!

  7. I feel the same way Pan. I also start a lot of things and never follow through. I’m thinking about learning French this year though. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

  8. I’m not a procrastinator, but that’s probably because I was once married to the World Champion. It kind of soured me, you know?

    Those goals are perfectly doable. Do ’em.

    I want to get paid for writing a column for a newspaper. Just once.

  9. Now that I’ve had some moments to think about this post and am not struggling with a computer that doesn’t really work, I have something to say.

    The traveling thing is not a resolution on my part. It is just the time in my life when it will work. The going back to school thing is also not a resolution. Someone is paying me to do that. I think I will write down the books I read this year. I’m curious about how many books I read in a year. That all sounds disagreeable. It isn’t. I completely and fully agree that resolutions to do stuff are a bonkers way of putting pressure on oneself.

    As you know, my sweetie teaches aerobics. The first two weeks of January is the busiest time of the year in that business. Her classes are filled with people who have made resolutions. You strategy of making minor adjustments is much more sane than making giant resolutions.

    Of course the fact that you’re already astoundingly wonderful contributes to the sanity of the strategy. Why make big changes when you are already so adorable?

  10. Yes, agreed… starting things is not that tough, maintaining them is.

  11. Oh, I thought you were agreeing that I was adorable. That would have been very weird!

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