Cleaning Up a Mess Using Suicide as a Help

I’m sorry. But I had to.

I was a member of another site. It was supposed to be for writing, for meeting people (imagine me waving my arms about like a Jewish grandmother), but then… ack! The fun went out of the place.

Sure, I wrote. I had fun. I met a lot of people. A lot of really good people. But there were other things going on that didn’t sit well with me.

I was a junkie for this place. I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes I would be on it all day long. I craved it like some people crave heroin. Like alcoholics will take a bottle of Popov, because they don’t want the smooth delivery of Grey Goose-they just want to get drunk. When I was away, I was constantly looking for the next fix. There were some rewards. There had to be, or I wouldn’t be there, right?

Because of my fixation, I was undercutting the other things in my life. First, family. It was easy enough to say “NO” when the family was around. Then, work. That was a little harder. I am amazingly adept at doing four or five things at a time. I could easily hide my banter by minimizing my computer screen. It wasn’t right, but I was doing it.

Then I heard of someone who committed FaceBook suicide. He spent too much time there, he had to do it. I had to do the same thing with the site I was on. I gave myself a decent amount of time to commit the act. Then I set about to extricate myself from this demon web site. I did it with much forethought and was orderly. I thought of the individual steps and executed them in order.

My independence day is today. By midnight, it will be all over. Thank the Lord. Or should I say, “oy vay!”

My new life starts tomorrow morning, as soon as I wake up from my champagne hangover.

13 Responses

  1. Congratulations!

  2. Way to go!! Freedom is sweet.

  3. Happy Independence Day. I’ll cling to this mortal coil a little longer….

  4. Life is much better on the other side. Your blood pressure will lower, your hair will return, and you’ll be able to focus on friends, family and work. Most importantly, your IQ will go up by 150 points. Rubbing cyber elbows with idiots doesn’t cause permanent damage.

    It’s hard, but the rewards are very good.

  5. And it’s not like you’re alone, either. 🙂 Shawn is right, freedom is sweet. *bats at bedspread fringe, yawns* I think I will eat my black-eyed peas and go visit my OWN blog… 😉

    Happy New Year, everybody! 🙂

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    Independence is indeed sweet, even under a six inch blanket of snow.

  7. My people like blankets. 😉

  8. Oh! You did it! I forgot today was the day. Did you leave a suicide note? PM me with a link, K?

    And congrats. I haven’t done the deed but I’ve pretty much gone cold turkey.

  9. Yes!

    I haven’t even read your most recent efforts there. Hmm. I haven’t read all of your recent efforts here. Clearly there’s something wrong with me. I think I can fix that in a jiffy.

  10. You’re an inspiration!

  11. BGG… I was beginning to think you didn’t like me anymore!

    Thanks, Ivy. I strive to be as inspirational as the other Ivy.

  12. Hah! You didn’t think that at all.

    Purple chairs are cool.

    I’ve lost my voice and don’t feel like typing comments today. Weird how that works.

  13. I know. I was teasing, but you knew that.

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