Crazy New Year’s Night, Lazy New Year’s Day

I must be old and crotchety. Last night after dinner, we sat down and watched a rather violent movie (The Departed) as we were waiting for the clock to edge toward midnight. My husband, who normally sleeps through Forced Family Fun Night, was rapt with the blood and gore of this film. After everyone was killed and the movie ended, it was only 10:30, and we were tired. We popped open a bottle of champagne and toasted each other and the kids, and then went to bed.

This scene seems quite normal, except for one thing. My 17 year old daughter had a little slumber party; in attendance were her friends and her boyfriend. Now, before anyone starts comparing me to Jamie Lynn Spears’ mother, I have to explain. One, his mother and my husband had a rather protracted telephone call about it. Two, everyone was clothed. Three, my older son and his girlfriend were to supervise, with their clothes on too. Four, I like this kid. Yes, this was crazy.

This morning, we woke up to six inches of snow. Well, not really. My husband woke up to six inches of snow. I woke up to his firing up the snowblower. After a half hour of the steady droning of the snowblower (which is, incredibly, ten times louder than a lawn mower), I decided to get up and start my day.

Traditionally, on New Year’s Day, I won’t make dinner. I will make appetizers that we will snack on all day long, sort of like a home tapas. We’ll have deviled eggs, crab cakes, oysters rockefeller, hot wings and cold vegetables, finishing off with chocolate fondue. However, I’m still so full from last night’s buffalo steaks and roasted potatoes, that my ambition is remarkably absent.

I might get up and take a walk in the snow, and take photos before the salt trucks and plows come by and turn everything a dirty gray. I hate winter’s cold and precipitation, but fresh snow always looks romantic.

On the other hand, I might just stay lazy and putz around the house.

7 Responses

  1. I hope you stayed lazy, and enjoyed the snow from a nice warm window.

  2. That’s the best way, for sure!

  3. You should have come with me to Sonoma. We had beautiful weather and not a snow flake in sight!

  4. Would it help if I likened you to Britney’s mom instead of Jamie’s?

    Please tell me you did not feed the young’uns oysters!? LOL.

    I loved The Departed. Great movie, even with the violence, which I tend not to like.

  5. Corina, you know I’d love to be there!

    The really young ones didn’t eat oysters. But we fed them to the older kids!

  6. The youngsters didn’t eat the oysters? Wow! Who would think it. We had sushi last night. My youngsters went for the eel and the flying fish roe with reckless abandon.

  7. Oh, they are adventurous tykes!

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