My Most Perfect Purple Chair

Two houses ago, we were faced with the fact that we were moving from a traditional, center-entrance French colonial with two crystal chandeliers, into a house that was retro-klitschy 1960s, with original green glass geometric light fixtures and other equally angular architectural features. Almost all of the furniture had to go, and it did, eventually. We sold chunky armoires and heavy chairs and bought modern pieces that included glass and were light and colorful.

One of the chairs that we purchased for the basement was an overstuffed chair covered in purple microsuede. It almost looked cartoonish next to the furniture we used to have, but it was perfect for this house. Even the feet on the chair had nice, smooth curves. The best thing about it was that it was extremely comfortable. The cushion is smushy but has enough support for long term sitting.

About three years ago, we bought our current house, which is late Craftsman in style. Some of the modern furniture fit (I actually got a clue and bought some transitional pieces), but much of it didn’t. We held another huge garage sale and bought more furniture.

One of the chairs that didn’t make it to the auction block was my most perfect purple chair. We got it into our house and up into my bedroom, and it actually looked like it belonged there with my mission bedroom set. The deep purple is complemented by the sandy hues of my bedroom walls.

This most perfect chair in my most perfect bedroom is where I write.

My Most Perfect Purple Chair

12 Responses

  1. Pan, that is so gorgeous! You’ve got to check out–I love mine, and it’s great for a writing chair…

    Now I’m even MORE jealous! 😀

  2. Perfect indeed!

    Would that I had such a set-up. I don’t. I won’t. Our house is a 40s little box. It is filled with hand-me-down furniture.

    We do have a lovely rocking chair that my mother-in-law bought for breastfeeding. (That reminds me one of the rules of life that I think everyone knows but always bears repeating: breastfeeding mothers have absolute authority one chair occupancy). I like that chair but I don’t know what colour it is.

    One of my kids just informed me that it is green. It seems it has some brown and red in it too.

  3. Hmm. One of my kids (the same one) just informed me that your chair looks kinda blueish. I’m thinking that there may be a vision problem with my kid too (my sweetie’s Dad has the same colour vision thing that I have so this is indeed possible).

  4. That is indeed an awesome chair! I’ve thought of writing of my own purple chair that is burgundy. I may have to do it soon.

  5. I need a purple chair!

  6. This photograph doesn’t do the purple any justice. It’s what is called in designer circles as “aubergine.” French for purple.

  7. That’s a pretty slammin chair.

  8. I could use that chair right now. I would curl up and sleep. I’m tired. The hotel bed is comfy but no place to write except at the desk which is not at all comfy.

  9. Hotel chairs are notoriously horrible.

  10. This looks like a very comfortable spot to work. I painted the walls of my tiny study this color. When we moved in, they were a distressing shade of pink.

  11. Hello,

    I love this idea and I am planning my new bathroom…so this is what you might see later!!

  12. […] at work (sometimes without much success), I can really only concentrate if I’m sitting in my perfect purple chair, which is in my bedroom. It’s hard to concentrate with the phone ringing all day. No one calls […]

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