Aging Really Sucked Last Night

During a break in Forced Family Fun Night yesterday, my daughter loudly proclaimed who she was voting for (Barack Obama) and who she would never vote for (Hillary Clinton).

Not thinking, I replied, “You can’t vote for anyone yet!”

Both she and my husband yelled in unison, “She/I can, TOO!”

I had conveniently forgotten that she turns 18 in July.

How I could forget that happening is totally crazy. We’ve been filling out college applications online for the last month. I’ve been shelling out application fees with the credit card so much that I now have memorized the number and the security code.

My baby is almost an adult!

She will be trying to establish residency in California soon after her birthday. This means a drivers’ license and registering to vote, using her brother’s address. If she completes these tasks soon after her birthday, she should be allowed to vote in November.

This is unfathomable to me. It seems like just yesterday, she was learning to talk and be potty trained. It was just yesterday that she fell on her chin while learning to ride a bike (the only skin on her head not covered by protective helmet). It had to be just ten minutes ago that she learned how to drive.

I like that my birdie is ready to fly out of the nest, but it still comes as a shock to realize it will be so soon.

After realizing my misspoken words, I retreated, silently, into a box of Godiva. Chocolate is the only cure for old age.

11 Responses

  1. Chocolate cures everything.

    I’ve pointed out to my sweetie that chocolate even cancels out animal products and thus although she is a vegan, she can eat milk chocolate.

    Here’s a little reasoning about your statement. She can’t vote right now. She isn’t 18 yet and the election isn’t until November. Sure when the election happens, she’ll be 18 and will be able to vote. But, as of right now, your statement is taken literally completely correct.

  2. Old schmold. Get the last of those kids out the house, they’re eating your brain, that’s the only thing wrong…

  3. LOL, Fluffy. I’ll say.

  4. Mine turns 18 in August and will get to vote in the presidential election. Although we don’t know yet where she’ll be so we’ll have to check out what that location’s rules are for voting.

    BTW, in California, one can register as late as October 20th to be eligible to vote in the November presidential election so Alexa shouldn’t have any problem getting it done on time.

  5. Wow, I’m embarrasingly far behind on my reading.

    I just realized that my baby is almost as tall as I am. It was very sad. I feel your pain.

  6. Getting them out of the house can be a very good thing.

    As long as you keep chocolate cheesecake handy. I’ll have some for you, tonight.

  7. It’s one of those “life smacking you in the back of the head” moments. Knock the crap out of it!

  8. I found it quite appropriate that you sought succour in chocolate. You are a wise woman. You just confirmed what I always knew.

  9. Oh and this 15 year old told her 39 year old mom, you know, mom, you shouldn’t be wearing red lipstick at your age, I should be. Fluffy cat knows what she is talking about, if you ask me.

  10. You’re right, AJ. Fluffy Cat is very wise. And chocolate is the bomb diggity.

  11. That must be a strange sensation. I experience this vicariously through my cousins. The eldest has headed off to college which is very peculiar as I just got the call that she was born not weeks ago.

    Chocolate is good medicine…

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