I’m Such a Firefox Dummy

I just now learned how to open up another tab in Firefox, without linking to something else or opening up another window.

It’s 2:45 p.m. EST.

I’ve only had this program on my computer for over a year.

I’m such a dummy.


11 Responses

  1. It’s OK. You’re not a dummy. I’m not even sure I know what you’re talking about.

  2. It’s so cool, Ina. File, New Tab, then you can open another web site while this one is open too! I knew you could do it, I just didn’t know how…

  3. Oh. I think I’ve been doing that all along. I just didn’t know what you were talking about.

    I’m so old.

  4. I love Firefox!

    I always do it by hitting Control T. For me that’s faster than going up to the file/new tab.

  5. Tee hee. I love the tab thing in Firefox… control T, as bmom says.I I often have 10 tabs. I love discovering new shortcuts, but sometimes I have those moments when someone has to show me something that should have been obvious all along. You’re definitely not a dummy.

  6. The New Tab feature is the thing that attracted me to Firefox. I’ve been using it since last June or so.

    Yeah, you’re such a dummy! 🙂

  7. Yeah, I know! I’m so ashamed too! 🙂

  8. You can cycle through the tabs with Ctrl-Tab (just like cycling through windows with Alt-Tab).

  9. Oh no! Something new! Don’t overload me with too much info all at once.

  10. Come to think of it, I think recent versions of IE have tabs too.

  11. Hmm… I don’t have a recent version. I think I’ll stick what I somewhat know best.

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