Ten Places I’d Like to Visit Before I Die

1. Oregon, South Carolina, Alaska and Hawaii. Those are the only states I’ve never visited, and I think there are great places there to be explored. For example, the mountains and the shores in Oregon (a friend who lives there now told me how beautiful it is), the shores of South Carolina, the splendor of the wild terrain of Alaska, and of course, the beaches in Hawaii. If there is a common thread among the four states, it’s the ocean. Yes, I love it. I am in awe of its huge glory.

2. Japan. For personal reasons.

3. Greece. For more personal reasons.

4. Banff. My second love is mountains, and from the photos of the area, it looks stupendous.

5. The Barossa area of Australia.

6. Tuscany.

7. The Champagne area of France. The last three simply on a food and wine tour.  I don’t want to see anything else.

There are many other places that are worthy of viewing and experiencing, but I thought I would limit my list to the most manageable places and those that aren’t completely out of realm of possibilities.


13 Responses

  1. And I say DON’T WAIT. I read one quote from an elderly traveler who opined that she wished she had made it out into the world at a younger age so she would have more time and energy to enjoy it in all its fullness. Don’t make the same mistake…

  2. Banff is incredible. If you are able, I recommend starting in Montana and driving through the US side of Glacier National Park first; you’ll end up in a magical part of the Canadian side. Another odd thing I’ve noticed about Banff, in the twenty or so times I’ve driven through it, is that it looks better when you’re going south than it does when you’re going north. I can’t explain that.

  3. Where is Banff?

  4. I would recommend driving the blue ridge parkway it’s entire length, also a very worthy trip.

  5. Now Ms. Pande, you and your violin (or fiddle) gotta go to one bluegrass festival before it’s all over.

    jojovtx is right on that Blueridge Parkway, too.

    Dr. B

  6. Great choices. I saw a special not too long ago about going on a fruit tasting tour on one of the Hawaiian Islands. It looked like an amazing experience.

  7. Banff is in Canada, Wanda… Geezzzz….

    I’ve done the Blueridge Parkway, and you’re both right, Jojo and Dr. B, it’s splendiforous!

  8. Banff is right next to me. Bring Mr. Demonic and we’ll all go exploring together. There’s lots of nice stuff to see in Banff and there are other nice places nearby with less people.

  9. OH! The four of us exploring? I’d be in heaven, but I’m not sure about Mr. Demonic! 🙂

  10. And little ones. Well, my little ones. Or we could leave Mr. Demonic to take care of them.

    Oooo! You, me and my sweetie zooming about the mountains in our van. It even has a propane powered fridge just in case you want cool cream in your coffee in the morning or some white wine in the afternoon or evening. Ha ha! That’s sounds just perfect to me.

  11. Well, I’ve been to some of those, but not all. I would definitely highly recommend Banff, especially if ABS and his sweetie offer to drive you through the mountains. Although, personally, I might choose Tuscany first. 🙂

  12. Oh! I can’t wait to have cool cream in my coffee. As long as it isn’t curdled, cream is a good thing.

    But Pmousse is correct. Tuscany would be hard to pass up.

  13. With my daughter working at the Fairmont, she gets incredibly low rates on all Fairmont properties. They have quite a few in Canada, Banff being one. She loves to travel and she likes to take me with her. Now if only we had a connection with airfare!

    She has set a goal of visiting at least one of the Canadian properties this year and one in Mexico or in Europe, for this year.

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