Traveling Kind of Sucks

It’s the destination that I keep in mind.

At least, today it was.

Last night, the wind blew mightily. I was afraid I’d be missing a roof when I woke up, but thankfully I wasn’t. It was ten degrees with a -15 degree windchill. Yesterday afternoon, it was in the 40s. Then I got a little nauseous on the way to the airport. It could have been Mr. Demonic’s driving. When he is having an animated conversation with me, he tends to swerve a bit, and vary his speed. I felt a little better after a snack of miso soup and sushi at the airport. Three hours later, somewhere over the Colorado Rockies, I again felt so nauseous, I begged the flight attendant for medicine, or at least a cracker. She sold me a box of snacks for $5.

Because it was ten degrees with a -15 windchill, my plane was an hour late in taking off. This, along with a strong headwind, means I was over an hour late arriving. Then I got on the 101 going north, instead of taking the 380 W to the 280 E (it’s San Francisco, don’t ask me how they do it here). I’ve done that now the last three times I’ve been here. Once on the right highway, I forgot the back way to my son’s house, which would have eliminated another thirty minutes during rush hour. I probably shouldn’t have answered the phone.

However… now that I’m here, it’s beautiful. I shed my coat, and my sweater. We saw a gorgeous sunset over the ocean. I had a good dinner. I noticed my son has another haircut. There are plusses to him having a girlfriend.

The destination was worth the adventure.


5 Responses

  1. Once again, you’ve pretty much captured my attitude towards something: travel. I really like being places. The nausea along the way is something I could do without.

  2. I feel much better today. Except, when lugging a bag and a heavy laptop, I’ve discovered muscles that I didn’t think I still had.

    I can’t wait until the sun comes up a bit so I can go for my walk.

  3. What a fantastic place to be visiting. Please eat some fresh seafood for me. And if you take a walk on the beach, think of your poor old friend freezing her gazoombas off in the dread midwest.

  4. Erk. I hate traveling more than anything else I can think of. Not even the destination makes it worthwhile, in my case.

  5. I don’t travel much but I have done more than my share this past month. I agree with you. It sucks. Even in the rare occasions when everything goes well, it still sucks.

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