Saying “Hello” to Parts of My Body I’ve Long Ignored and Other Stuff

Yesterday was spent taking a great cross-country trip.

I really like traveling. The biggest reason for traveling is getting away from where I now live. That sounds weird.  I love my house. I love my family. My city’s not so bad. The general area is decaying, and the entire state is poorly run. I despise winter with a vengeance only seen in poorly made kung fu movies. We have a lot of winter. Every year, winter seems to take one more week than the year before. I know that’s a gross exaggeration, but I don’t care. I believe I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), so I asked my doctor for a prescription for a lamp and some anti-depressants. I know someone who lives in Montreal who has the same affliction, and that helps her tremendously. The drugs work wonders. When spring comes, I’ll get off them and sit in the real sun.

There are some downsides to traveling, which I outlined in my previous post. There’s another one I neglected to add, because that one didn’t make itself known until a few hours ago.

Because I flew into San Francisco, one doesn’t leave the airport terminal and hop on a bus to the rental car place. That would be too decadent. In San Francisco, they make you walk. You walk from the gate and go down to the baggage area. Then you drag your bags up two flights of escalators to get to the AirTrain. But, here again, you don’t just exit a door and the train is there. No, you must drag your bags around the garage area to get to the AirTrain. Once on the AirTrain, you wait until the end of the line to get to the rental car building. Then you drag your bags into the building. If you’re smart, like me, you have preferred status with one or more rental car agencies, so you can just go to the car. But do you just exit a door and find your car? No, you must drag your bags to the elevator, go upstairs, depart and drag your bags to the other side of the building to find your name on the board and where your car is. As luck would have it (and yesterday was a day of “if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”), my rental car was in the farthest lane, and at #25, was almost the farthest car in the garage.

(Here’s my spin on this transaction from the perspective of landing in Denver. You deplane, board a train to your bags, grab bags, exit building, a bus comes to get you, bus delivers you to your car, which has the doors and trunk open, and friendly bus driver helps you with bags.)

A couple of hours ago when the subway started running (another story), I awoke in my motel room. My brain was awake, but I couldn’t move. This is because I was being reintroduced to muscles in my body which I didn’t think I had anymore. It was a good hour before I could turn over. I know I’m not in shape, but I didn’t think I was this bad off.

Now that I know I still have these muscles, I think I’ll pay more attention to them. More than once every few months when I go on a trip.

10 Responses

  1. I, too, have SAD 😦 I hope you are feeling better soon. Will we get to see pictures of your trip?

  2. Thats rough, I hope the rest of your trip gets better, I know you have been looking forward to it.
    Hey Becca!

  3. I just love this line: I despise winter with a vengeance only seen in poorly made kung fu movies.

    I think I have SAD too. I’m on anti-depressants already and got them prescribed in a higher dosage a couple of weeks ago. Both times that I’ve relapsed with alcohol was in winter.

    Hope you enjoy your trip. Do you think your son will stay in the SF area after he’s finished with school?

  4. Oh, yes, he’ll never come back “home.” This is his home now. He hates it worse than I do.

    Winter surely sucks. But it sucks less in California.

  5. I haven’t had to engage in air travel for a while, but it strikes me as one of the most convincing arguments that “modern civilization” is neither modern nor civilized. If the entire airline industry were banned and replaced by ox-drawn carts for cross-country travel and by Kon-Tiki reed rafts for international travel, we would probably all get where we want to go faster and more comfortably.

  6. Yes, and I bet the mail would get to its destination faster too!

  7. Boy does this sound familiar to me.

    I have a knee injury. I’ve had six surgical procedures and it is not any better. That’s why I can’t walk far. That’s why I can’t do stairs.

    Yesterday, the girls had appointments for a tour and portfolio reviews at MICA. My daughter wanted me to come along on the tour. I started to but after the first ten minutes of an hour and a half tour, I had already ascended and descended over 500 stairs. The young lady leading the tour assured me there were LOTS more stairs. I bowed out. Last night my knee felt like someone had ripped it open, think Robocop violently ripping open a building. Today I am in agony but go on we must. I need pain meds. But I am also doing all the driving so I go on with no meds. I’ve already gone through a whole package of those therapeutic heat/cold patches for my knee and my shoulder which kind of cracked in the middle of yesterday.

    And I have a cold.

  8. This just reminded me of having to take my pants down for a security guard in the Denver airport. Hmmph. I think SF is preferable.

  9. Well, they put me in the plastic box in Detroit, where I waited to get patted down. That’s fun. NOT!

  10. Ewww! They had me pull my pants down behind some curtains. Of course, the curtains didn’t go very high so anyone on the balcony overlooking the security area could see in.

    Though I wasn’t fond of it, I still count my self as fortunate. I’m sure glad I don’t have a job making random guys pull their pants down to make sure they don’t have weapons or explosives in them.

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