Finding the Perfect Laptop Case

I made a rather hasty purchase last year when I bought a laptop without considering its dimensions. It’s huge! I happened to notice this again when I was traveling last week. Other travelers have petite machines, ones that are sleek and thin. Mine is a monster. It’s the biggest one that Dell makes. While its performance is fantabulous, it’s very huge. When I say “huge,” I also mean in addition to being big and bulky, it’s also heavy.

For the last year, I’ve been shopping for cases. I tend to travel a bit, and so need something that fits without being a suitcase. The first one I bought claimed to be able to fit the 15.4″ screen that I have. Well, it didn’t.

The second one I bought was the biggest one I could find. It just barely contains my laptop. The case is very bulky too. Sure, there are pockets for this and that, and doo-dads, but being of feminine persuasion, I usually carry a purse. I don’t need to double my doo-dads.

This last trip to San Francisco, I decided to try to eliminate the purse and just use the notebook case’s collection of cell phone holder, pen holder, credit card holders and water bottle holders. I also put my reading material in there, and the maps I would need to get to my friend’s house. Somehow, using the case actually added more time to my usually rustling around in my pocketbook. I was held up at the security check point in the airport because of the awkwardness of trying to put my ID back to where it should have been.

The other problem with this large and bulky case is that it’s totally ugly. Why does “big” automatically mean “ugly?”

I went online to see if I could find something else that would satisfy the need for protection, ease in use and be in psychedelic colors. Nothing.

Damn. I might have to dust off my sewing machine.

8 Responses

  1. I have a Tumi messenger bag that holds my giant Toshiba with room to spare–and my husband’s as well. I’m thinking they might have something. It’s not psychedelic colors, but the yellow makes my eyes bleed, does that help?

  2. Yellow is cool!

  3. I think you should try looking for a laptop SLEEVE, not a case. The sleeve is a nice protective choice without all the extra compartments. They sometimes have one small pocket or “slit” within the sleeve but they are very lightweight and practical. Look for one with a shoulder strap and a handle so you have the option to carry it either way. I recently got one for my daughter. It’s made for a MacBook Pro which is a 15.5″ machine. It should fit yours. It has both a handle and a strap. It has one little slit to put papers in, not even a pocket. It’s lightweight and sturdy. It’s green but I believe it also comes in tan or brown. I will see if I can find the brand for you. I got it at CompUSA when they were closing so I didn’t pay much for it and my very picky teen liked it.

    Oh, BTW, you’ve hit on the one question I have been asking for many years: Why does “big” automatically mean “ugly?”

  4. I found an old leather bag in a closet that is hideously ugly, but serves as a perfect laptop carrier.

    I’m mad that it works and is ugly.

  5. I must be the last person on the planet without a laptop. 😦

  6. Despite the seeming frustration with carrying, I am strongly of the opinion that a big screen is the most important thing about a computer and thus conclude that you are wise (or that you happen to share my idiosyncrasies.

    Phrased another way: size matters.

    (Shawn, I don’t have a laptop either.)

  7. Yeah, that’s why I chose this laptop. I have poor eyes, so a big screen is very nice.

    Size does matter!

    Oh, and I adore you!

  8. I was lucky enough to have a padded book tote that fit mine. Good luck on your search.

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