Some Non-Descript Updates

1. It’s really cold. No, I mean, really cold. Think of your freezer. It’s colder than that outside.

2. I’ve decided to name our Kittycat “Max.” Now that we know she is a he, we are all looking at her/him differently. Max fits his general temperament. He’s nuts. He’s smart. He’s a little lion in a kitty tuxedo.

3.  I’ve decided that black and white movies from the 40s are the best. I’m sort of watching one now. I say, sort of, because I’m not paying attention to most of it, and only glancing up when something happens. It’s Gaslight, with Ingrid Bergman. Ingrid is just ready to be “gaslighted” any time now. I might have to break away for that.

4.  I’ve been on a sort of a diet and exercise program for a few weeks. It’s not really a diet, per se. I am eating cereal when I feel hungry. Or fruit. I’ve cut back red meat to one day a week. Of course, only one cup of coffee per day. Since the temperature (see #1) is so cold, I’m doing lots of green tea. I’ve found I haven’t really missed the bad food. I haven’t lost any weight (from the exercise, which has been just walking or elliptical machine) but I haven’t gained any, so that’s a plus.

5. Spring can come any day now. I have plans to expand a piece of my yard into an Asian garden. I’m thinking of all the rocks I’ll have to move and all the sod I’ll have to dig up. I’m thinking that it will take me about two months of heavy weekend work to complete. The sooner the better. My daughter graduates from high school in  May and that doesn’t leave me a lot of time once the snow melts.

6. I still suck at the violin. I’d better go and practice now.

15 Responses

  1. I had chamomile tea on Friday (which was the day it became evil cold here) with a good friend. That was lovely and made things better than the already excellent situation I was in. I like green tea too.

    The name combined with the description is exactly perfect! He’s totally cute you know. Yes. I know you know. I don’t know why I typed the ‘you know’ there. I don’t think I’d have said it that way if I was talking. I think I’d have said ‘eh’.

    The only one of those machines that I think is fun is the elliptical machine. I don’t understand why it is called elliptical but I think that is part of why I like the things.

    I want you to come visit. I want it to be warm. I want you to bring your violin.

  2. You may be dead wrong about that last sentence, ABS. When I bring it, then we will know. 🙂

  3. I’m enjoying a lovely warm day here. You should come out here for some bright blue sky and sunshine. I’m drinking some passionfruit tea. Delightful. You can even use my treadmill. If you bring your violin, I have a music stand at the ready for you. (And I own earplugs from when my son was learning to play the violin.)

  4. Yes, blue skies here too, Madamedonna.

    Chamomile tea and mint tea are my favorites although I recently had something that was delicious. I don’t remember what it was. It was something with orange in it and I think it had mint, too but the orange was the dominant flavor.

    Max? I don’t like that. I know, he’s not my kitty. I think he should be named something artistic. Find a writer or an artist with an appropriate name and give it to Dude. Was her name Frida when he was a she? Then I’d vote for Diego now that he’s a he. Diego was a very artistic guy. He was very much the lion in sheep’s clothing. Very loving when he chose to be and a total pig when he chose so. And he was Frida’s other half. Max reminds me of Maximilian (as in Carlotta’s husband, who imposed himself as the ruler of Mexico in the 1860’s. He was a pig and an elitist. You don’t want to name your kitty after him!)

    Okay, history lesson over. I’ll go make some tea. Mint, in case you wondered.

  5. Max is a nice manly name for the little guy.

  6. madamedonna is right. We should (all) go there. Or maybe we can meet in Las Vegas.

    Corina! OMG! Thos are my two favourites! OK. It isn’t really surprising enough to say OMG but…well…I like those kind of coincidences. I have something weird against orange in tea. I like a spot of lemon in it. I don’t think it makes sense. I guess that’s why they call it ‘a matter of taste’.

    I think Max is either short for Maxwell or Maximum in which case it isn’t that darned guy.

    I so wish we were neighbours and I worship the water you walk on.

  7. My person went out in a windbreaker today. His only concession to the bitter cold was a flannel shirt. This is the kind of behavior that makes me question whether he is an alien. I have not left the house at all; even the wind sounds unbearably cold.

  8. The last few days have been nice here, until today, the wind has howled all day. Several neighbors have lost trees and shingles, and a brush fire nearby has gotten out control, with evacuations going on now.

  9. I like Max. His middle name can be “Volume”. 🙂

  10. 1) 76 degrees here today. It hasn’t been cold enough this winter to kill the pollen or the bugs. 😦

    2) Max is a fine name.

    3) If you’re putting on muscle you might not lose weight, but you will lose inches.

    4) I get to start my garden next month. 🙂

  11. I like Max. I can call him Turbo Max when he’s nutty. Diego is a fine name, but Max is no Diego. Max is nuts, not artistic.

    I like eating oranges with tea. Not green tea, regular tea. Tea and oranges. It goes together. Especially if the oranges are really good, and they’ve had nice ones at Sam’s Club this week.

    It’s still very cold. When I answer the phone, my ear gets cold from the receiver. That’s how cold it is here.

  12. I had a black cat named Max who lived 18 years. I even gave one of my sons a middle name after him. We adored him. He’s buried in my garden, under a large rock. Even if we move, no one will ever know. It’s in a secure spot for all cat eternity.

  13. Gaslight is one of my favourite movies. Ingrid Bergman is so wonderful, it’s almost painful… that scene where she gets all tense and just kind of sobs once, thinking how crazy she is — wonderful stuff.

  14. It’s cold here too.

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