My Leather Pants

Today I am bored, cold and slightly nauseous. I hope Mr. Demonic didn’t spread his germs to me. He was sick for two and a half weeks, which included some days close to the deathbed. I’ve got too many things to do to approach that piece of furniture.

So I’m sitting here at work, waiting for the phone to ring and eating Town House crackers, the best thing around for curbing a round of potential vomiting. In my boredom, I decided to take a photo of my leather pants.

Before you all think that I’m some sort of hot mama or ho looking to hook up with someone, I must profess that I’m not. These aren’t new pants. I’ve had these for so many years, I’m ashamed to recount just how many. These aren’t even my Harley hog pants; those are like wearing a suit of armor. I hope to never have to test them with a case of road rash. No, these babies came from Victoria’s Secret aka Vickie’s Panty Shack and were on sale at the time. I must confess that this particular pair are buttery soft, really warm and protective in the face of sub-zero wind chills and still fit me.

Leather is an excellent material for clothing. I’ve never washed these (just a damp cloth and dry) because if I spill anything on them, it doesn’t soak through. Believe me, I know. My dear Mr. Demonic once knocked over a glass of red wine on them while we were dining out at a fine restaurant. I’ve also spilled mustard on them. Wipe, dry, voila! Good as new.

Oh, in reading this over, I realize I must be truly delirious. Many pardons. I’m going to take an aspirin now. Have a nice day.

My leather pants


13 Responses

  1. Woo hoo!

    I used to get the Victoria’s Secret catalog all the time. Then I got pregnant with my first and I hated looking at all the skinny bitches prancing around in their drawers. I never looked back after that.

  2. Yeah, Vickie’s used to have quite a nice assortment of regular clothing. I’ve purchased many a nice dress and interesting sweater from the place. Nowadays, it looks more like a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog.

  3. Remember the keyhole dress in my icon at the other place? The one where I have the cigar? Vickie!

  4. Most of my Canadian relatives have at least one pair of leather pants, for exactly the weather-related reasons you mention.

    Plus they’re, you know, sexy. My 79-year-old aunt, who has been a man-trap all her life, still stops traffic when she wears hers. Not kidding.

    I hope you don’t come down with Mr. Demonic’s plague. That’s no fun.

  5. Forget the pants. I want to know about those shoes! They look comfy!

  6. I dont care what you say. those pants are hot, if it wasn’t so cold out, I’d come up and take you for a motorbike ride.
    Well, that and you may have the plague, so I’ll wait till spring.

  7. I might have the plague all right. None of my friends should be around me, for fear of spreading bacteria. I’m going to the doctor today.

  8. I have a hunch leather pants are only hot on people like Pan and your auntie, David–and looking at them reminds me of the time I went in a shop, was asked my size, and was rewarded with a brisk, “We have nothing for you!”

    Pan, think of all the weight you can lose with a good bout of plague… 😛

  9. I just wiped my keyboard and screen with disinfectant wipes, I’m here for you, it’s safe now.

  10. This makes me want to take a picture and post it.

    I think I will do that now.

  11. Michigan is a cesspool of cooties.

    Hope you successfully dodge the deathbed.

  12. Those leather pants look more comfortable than most. I don’t have pants but I have an excellent leather jacket I got in San Francisco years ago. I love the sounds and smell of it.

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