Gag Gifts

MIB’s post today really got me thinking about gag gifts. If you read my response, you will see that I have been a participant in the giving of such silly items.

To me, a gag gift (especially of the handmade variety) tells the recipient that you have been dearly thought of. Dominatrix Barbie was only one of the gag gifts I’ve given. We don’t know the location of her right now, so I can’t provide a photo.

One Christmas, my husband gave this guy a rubber penis that was easily a foot tall and six inches around. He wrapped it elaborately and called it the “Dick of Death.” This is because of a story our manager told us. He was exiting a classroom and had to make his way through a store. On his way out of the door, a couple of teenage girls approached, laughed and said to him “I bet you have a really big dick.” To this, he replied “Yes, I have the Dick of Death.”

To this same manager, I also gave a “Box of Boobs” for Christmas. This, I still have the proof of, as you will see below. The story is that he was doing an instructor evaluation in a car. He was in the back seat observing the female employee. After the student got out of the car, our manager attempts to pat the woman on the back to congratulate her job well done. Instead, his hand lands squarely on her chest. It was totally an accident, but an unfortunate one.

After that, she took this gesture to mean that he was interested in her romantically, so she started calling him to invite him out for coffee. It took a long time for him to shake her off. I thought he needed some sort of reminder as to what to do when attempting evaluations.

I can think of other such gag gifts, but I think I’ll stop now.Box of BoobsOpened

I should also note that while preparing the boobs, I was in my dining room blowing them up, when both my kids who were playing in the snow (they were around 14 and 11) came up to the window to wave at me. I’m sure that’s a visual that haunts them to this day.


6 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness! Those boobs are brilliantly funny.

    Hmm. No. It isn’t the boobs alone. It is the whole package. The formal appearance of the box combined with the boobs and especially the label “not a shoulder” makes it funny. I’ve not been laughing at sex jokes recently. I’m not sure why. This one made me giggle though. So, I must say thanks: thanks.

  2. You’re welcome, ABS. Every once in a while, we dust off the box and open it and have a good laugh. It was hilariously funny that first Christmas, and hasn’t completely lost its charm since then.

  3. Hubby enjoyed this as much as I did. We’re still laughing!

  4. Some gag gifts can be funny. However, the relationship between the gift giver and the recipient needs to be such that it won’t be taken the wrong way. That’s why I rarely give gag gifts. I can’t remember the last time.

    Oh, never mind. I remembered.

  5. Oh, Corina. That sounds like it was a bad one.

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