Not Exactly Luminescent Today

It’s raining. Gloomy. Cold. Wet. Gray. It’s close to freezing, so if the weather goes south, we could be in big trouble.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that people who live in northern climates often look pale and pasty. If the sky offers pale and pasty, that’s what will happen to the inhabitants. We used to do science projects like that in elementary school. A bean seed with lots of sun will grow bigger and stronger than a bean seed grown in a closet.

I’m a sun person. Just like a cat. Today there is no sun, so I’m finding my warmth by space heater and blanket. That’s rather sad.

Sorry, folks. I’m not exactly luminescent today.

9 Responses

  1. Friday morning here it was spectacularly sunny. It was starting to warm up. X. and I were going to go for a walk outside but then when we looked outside it had clouded over and by afternoon I had entered the world of snot. Hmmph.

  2. I can understand. It’s getting to the point that even if you enjoy the nice grey of winter, it’s hard to know that you can even handle anymore by the time mid-February, early March comes out. By the time the end of March hits, if the sun isn’t at a point where I can actually feel it, I’m miserable. But, because you asked, nope, haven’t quite committed suicide yet…getting there. I’m pretty much just posting what I post here.

  3. It was gloomy all day today here. Cold too but of course our cold is no where near your cold.

    I have a lot of knee pain so it was a stay in bed with knee immobilized weekend. All alone, too. Bot the girls are gone. So yeah, heat came from the cat at my feet and from my electric blanket.

  4. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, and took yesterday of to keep it warm and rested. Woke up to sunshine this morning but shortly after noon it turned gray again. Ick.

  5. It’s incredibly beautiful and 55 degrees here today. You don’t want to know that, I bet. You probably don’t want to know that when I went for a walk this morning, perfectly comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt, I saw big handfuls of crocus coming up in everyone’s yard.

    So I won’t tell you that, because I don’t want to depress you.

  6. Argh. Shorts and a tee shirt. That’s totally depressing.

  7. I live in a northern climate and I’m neither pale nor pasty. Your logic is flawed.

  8. The sun is up here this morning but not for long. Being cold makes me cranky.

  9. I don’t know, Wanda. I’ve seen your rear end, and I think it was photoshopped for both color and complexion…

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