Mad Max

I’m not really at a loss for words today, but I’m busy.


So here is Max, or as I like to call him “Mad” Max.

Max 2

Sometimes I call him “Max Attax!” That’s when he’s really goofy.

He’s really cute, isn’t he?


11 Responses

  1. He’s both cute and symmetrical. A cat that looked a whole lot like him used to live with me. That cat was female and not so symmetrical though.

    I had my coffee and I’m still not quite awake. What to do? What to do?

  2. More coffee, I say.

  3. Yeah, he’s a cutie. We’re thinking of renaming Naranja. Rambo, short for rambunctious, seems to suit him. And he’s huge! He’s almost the same size as our three year old cat. And he’s fat. He’s not quite six months old, either.

    Max and Nari should meet. Or maybe they shouldn’t.

    ABS, yes I agree, more coffee or maybe stronger coffee.

  4. Omgosh! He’s adorable!!!!! Mad Max is perfect too! You come up with the best cat names.

    Of all the poems you picked to read, you had to pick that one today? You should have read the one right below it, instead. I beg you to try it. 🙂

  5. Here kitty, kitty.

  6. I hope to get a dog to match Max. He needs some company.

    DW, I’ll check out another. I had to swoop in and read quickly today.

  7. He’s got great markings. He looks like a real sweetie.

  8. He’s gorgeous!

  9. Another day and more coffee. It’s working better today.

  10. Yah!

  11. Oh! That’s a cute cat! I’m allergic, but I’d pet that one, anyway.

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