Going Back to High School in My Dreams

I had the greatest time when I was in high school. It was just at the end of the hippie era and right before disco, or what otherwise would be known as the First Fall of Western Civilization. (Since then, there have been several more falls, in preparation for the Final Fall, which I hear is going to happen in about three years.)

Last night, I made a dinner that I haven’t made since the kids were little. That is, chili dogs with lots of onions and cheese. I can’t remember when I last had a chili dog. I don’t like hot dogs in general, because once back in the olden days, I worked at a “major venue” as a concession girl. After seeing the recycling of hot dogs from one concert to the next, I had to cut hot dogs from my diet. In fact, I eventually had to quit the job, because the piquant odor of hot dogs caused me to vomit on a regular basis. After I had kids, they would clamor for hot dogs at least once a week, so I would make them occasionally. And, of course, one cannot visit Chicago without having a Chicago hot dog, the best on the planet.

I mention my dinner, because I really believe that what you ate just before sleeping can affect what dreams you will have.

Last night, I went to bed and had a lot of vivid and strange dreams. In one, I went back to my high school. They were having a rally of some sort in the gym. Now, I may have liked high school in real life, but I only attended one rally and one football game in my entire high school career. The reasons for this are many. One, I couldn’t understand organized sports. I guess I still can’t. I was also what one would call “alternative” – I was a hippie. Hippies tended to head for the hills (literally, they were only a few miles away) and communed with nature while smoking natural herbal ingredients. Also, in my “spare” time, I had what one might consider a full time job. Good thing I was a natural brain, and that the school had split sessions.

In my dream, I floated above the cheerleaders and people in the stands. They were there for graduation. I’ve had this dream before. I’ve dreamed that I went back to school years later and graduated with the current class. The faces were all different, but the teachers were pretty much the same ones. After graduating, I went into the parking lot looking for my car, which I couldn’t find. I paced back and forth thinking, “this is where I parked it” with other kids looking at me like I had lost my mind. Then I went back inside the school, and the layout had changed while I was looking for my car. When I went back outside, the parking lot had changed.

I finally woke up in a sweat. It seemed like I was trapped in a revolving door. The worst part was having the current crop of kids laughing at me.

I think I’ll have a piece of fish and some rice pilaf for dinner tonight.


6 Responses

  1. Interesting dream. I could analyze it but then I’d have to get up and leave in the middle of it because I’m going out to breakfast shortly.

    I find the hot dog thing interesting. I’ve never worked in fast food so I can’t identify. My sister worked at a place called Pup N Taco when we lived in Orange County. I don’t think they’re around anymore but they sold chili dogs and hot dogs and tacos. I think she got really tired of the place and the food and couldn’t eat hot dogs or chili dogs for a long time.

    I’ll check into your dream later on.

  2. Concession food is not fast food. It’s not to be trusted. To this day, if I go to a game or concert, I can’t eat there. The same place that ran the Civic Center is the same national chain that runs things here. Oh, I feel like burping.

    I would like to know about going back to high school and graduating again, so come back!

  3. I ALWAYS have the dream about being back and school and realizing you skipped out on a class anc can’t graduate. I hear it’s pretty common.

    I’m glad you liked high school. If I thought I had to go back to high school I’d die.

  4. I had Italian wedding soup for supper last night and dreamed I had David Letterman’s love child. I was angry at him because I wanted to rename the baby Amy Jo rather than Regina Jo. I had discovered his girlfriend’s name was Regina and I didn’t want our baby named for her. I trashed his house looking for him. He had a fabulous stereo system. So, I don’t know how the soup tied in with that. I didn’t even watch Letterman last night. My high school dreams are always frustrating. Either I can’t get my locker open and the bell is ringing, or I can’t find the paper I have to turn in. Those seem to go on for hours, though really experts say they last a few minutes at most. I enjoyed reading your dream.

  5. Vicky, don’t let David know you’re dreaming of him, or you might turn up on his list! I’d hate to read about you in the news!

  6. My vivid dreams were … hmm … not really for public consumption.

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