Spring Thaw

It’s 50 and cause for celebration!

As soon as the snow melts, I think I’ll see if my bamboo and grapevines survived the winter.

6 Responses

  1. Yay! You’re actually warmer than we are. I hope your plants survived.

  2. Now I have a lake in my backyard, but that’s better than a foot of snow!


  3. Pretty warm here too.

    Does this mean my ass will be making its debut on a local billboard soon?

  4. No.

    The reason for this is because it ice-stormed last night.

    I wish Mother Nature would make up her friggin’ mind.

  5. Four feet of snow in the woods, six inches of mud on the road and icicles on everything. Spring can be a fickle bitch. I love her.

  6. Do you also get (as we do here) the great big spring (and sometimes after one really believes it is summer) dump of a foot or more of wet snow? We’re warm enough now. It won’t be very cold when the big dump of snow comes. Hmm. I have some recollections about them. I think instead of telling them now, I’ll have lunch.

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