A Brief Update On Wanda and My Help in Her Quest For An Audience With That Bloom Dude

I know Wanda Rizzuto has probably been thinking I have dropped the ball in my promise to help her in snagging the elusive Orlando Bloom.

In the past couple of weeks, we were hit by several snowstorms and many days of cold, so I had to put the plans on the back burner.

However, if the local meteorologists are to be believed, this area will finally experience a warming trend. In fact, it’s 30 degrees right now, which feels like a blast of tropical air.

If the snow melts by this weekend, I’ll be able to put my delightfully wicked plans into motion.

Stay tuned.

9 Responses


    Seriously, I’m just dying to know what you’re going to do, whether it snags me a hottie or not.

  2. Hey, W, by that time there will be another forum with which to launch my Orlando campaign. Perhaps it will be front page news there! I must go and ask MIB.

  3. I have no time. I haven’t even read your previous post. Can you believe that? I’m astounded by my lack of having read it. Rest assured, I’ll come back and click on all the links.

    I have disheartening news. The weather here has turned bad and is going to get worse which makes me suspect that it will go to you later.

    That makes me so mad that I think you should kill the messenger. What do I mean by that? Not me obviously. I think you should creatively edit this comment so that it says the weather will be good. Maybe that will make it turn out that way.

    By the way, I still adore you and I have faith in your abilities. I think it will do something better than snag Wanda’s hottie for her. Then again, I’m not Wanda.

  4. Oh.

    I think I’m afraid.

  5. You should be very afraid, Wanda. You’d be surprised what the power of the mind can achieve. You sure you wanna snag that limey, then?

    By the way, MIB, I know you still adore me, as I adore you. I will not edit you. 😛

  6. Maybe we should start a pool to see if anyone can guess what you’ve got up your sleeve. It could help the winner to attend a reunion of sorts. 😉

  7. Of course I’m sure! You know me, I’m up for anything.

    You wanna spearhead that Corina?

  8. *peeking around the corner and sneaking quietly away*

  9. […] good weather and that it might be big news up north.  That’s what Pan says anyway.  You can read it for yourself.  I can’t wait to see what it is, can you?  I have a feeling it’s going to have […]

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