A Strange and Busy Day

My Internet Boyfriend and I have been busy.

We’re always busy, but today we’ve been super busy. In addition to being busy with our business and our busy-ness, I’ve been busy with normal business and busy-ness at my business.

I should have taken a photograph of my desk this morning. I couldn’t find the bottom of the piles. (It sort of resembled my husband’s desk. I cringe when I think about that.)

In the middle of trying to run my business, MIB is IMing me to tell me to do this and that regarding the business of our busy-ness. This is because I’m a computer dummy and I can’t figure things out on my own. I wish I could, but my brain can only handle so much traffic at one time. My busy-ness made my brain extra-full of thoughts, some of which fell off the face of the earth (or my own face) and some of which didn’t.

I save all my email, so I should be able to go back and sort through the individual business to get to the busy stuff.

One of these days, I will remember the business of my busy-ness. Not today though. I didn’t learn my social security number or driver’s license number in two seconds. That took a while, and I’m sure I will learn this business.

Lucky for me, MIB is a good teacher and very patient. And he adores me.


5 Responses

  1. Just how long did it take you to learn your SS number and your DL number? Isn’t it cinchy?

  2. I still don’t know my DL number.

  3. I didn’t know I’m supposed to know my DL number. I’ll pencil that in for tomorrow.

  4. I think it took a couple of years to learn the SS number. I might have been 18. I didn’t learn the DL number until after I had both kids, when I was supposed to learn theirs, so that was about three years.

    I still don’t know theirs.

  5. 1) Thank you. 2) I think you’re smart. 3) Holy cow we were busy. 4) It worked! Yipppeee! 5) I still adore even though it took me nearly forever to come here and comment. 6) I knew you were on the left coast so I decided to wait PLUS wordpress was dysfunctioning and I protested against it by not doing much at all here. 7) I have no idea why I’m numbering things. Perhaps it is a time-loop — that’s how I used to do comments back on the place before the other place. 8) My goodness. Just typing stuff to you has made me feel all mushy. I think I’m going to send you an email before reading your next article.

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