Oh, Where, Oh Where Can He Be?

It’s hard to believe, but Our Big Tour to Southern California is drawing to a close. It will be difficult to actually check in at the ticket counter tomorrow night. Heck, it will be hard to relinquish possession of the snappy little Hyundai I’ve been driving around for the past week. This little baby is quick enough to keep up with six lanes of traffic (more on that later) and has been instrumental in keeping us from getting killed.

Today I just want to throw a shout out to My Internet Boyfriend, with whom I haven’t had a private conversation with since last week. That’s because I’ve spent a good four hours a day driving the Little Miss from one school to another, and have had no time for the Internet. He’s been respectful and not bothered me. Or he’s totally forgotten about me and doesn’t need me! WAAAAAHHHH!

The trip’s been good for me. Sunshine and a change of scenery will do wonderful things for my disposition.

I know I will be dragged kicking and screaming back to a place where it just snowed four inches yesterday (AGAIN). It was fun to live outside of the box, or in my case, outside of the screen.

But the upside to the return is being online with my friends.


5 Responses

  1. Have a safe trip.

  2. I’m glad the trip went well. I hope the weather warms up at home for you.

  3. I had to put my air conditioner on yesterday.

  4. Bottle some of that sunshine and bring it back with you… 🙂

  5. It snowed here the day before yesterday. It snowed here yesterday. It’s snowing again today.

    I have a word for that. I’m not going to write it here though. It would be a little bit tasteless. I’ll give you a hint. The word is an activity that I enjoy.

    Last week was one of the weirdest weeks I’ve had socially for quite a while. No wife. No girlfriend. Just me. So, I went anti-social. But, I’m back and you are too. 🙂

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