An Apology in Advance

Since the WordPress web site has changed yesterday, I can’t find my blogroll. Because I can’t find it within my dashboard, and the blogroll isn’t displayed on my page, I am at a loss as to how to get to the people on it.

I might be fairly intelligent, but I can’t remember all of the WordPress addresses for the various people I like to read.

This may be because I’m incredibly stupid. I will admit that this is likely the case. I’m a bit Internet challenged. It took me a few weeks to figure out the old WordPress, and that was with constant help and supervision from my Blog Mentor, MIB, so I’m sure it will take me just as long to figure out this one.

I’ll still post, because I have that figured that out.

So this is to let all of you know that I am apologizing in advance to anyone I normally read. I won’t be visiting you unless someone gives me a detailed road map. It’s not because I don’t like you. It’s not because I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. I just don’t know where you are anymore.

I might use this time to work on my novel, as I haven’t opened it in a month, so it’s a win-win situation.

9 Responses

  1. Hey Pande, I didn’t dig the change either. I am also having trouble with my spell check. Gonna play the mandolin today and wait to see if they fix it.

    Dr. B

  2. I hope you meant fix the site, not the mandolin!


  3. I’m having a lot of troubles with the new layout. It took me a while to master the old layout; now I have to relearn everything again. It’s a real pain.

  4. I haven’t dropped in for a while and didn’t know about the changes. I guess I should go look at my own dashboard and find out what’s changed.

  5. Correct Pande. What kinda writer am I anyway?

    Dr. B

  6. I’m finding things a bit odd around here too…and very little time right now to figure it all out!

  7. Hey Ms. Pande,

    If you can’t find me, go to the Federal Pen in Atlanta and ask to visit Mr. Green Jeans.

    I’ll be the dorky looking guy outside his cell in a double-breasted suit . I’ve got gray hair, and it looks like you stuck a bowl over my head and trimmed away. I’ve been on a diet, but I’m still pudgy.

    I’ll be trying to use those confounded keys to break him out.

    My truck will be in the parking lot- it has a sticker that says. “I love my mandolin.” Can’t miss me.

    Dr. B

    You can yahoo or google Dr. Tom Bibey’s Weblog if all else fails.

  8. Thanks for the road map, Dr. B.

    I’ll be at the hospital, because right now I feel like death warmed over. I’m not sure of the professional term for that, but I’m sure there’s an “osis” attached to it.

  9. Well, Pande as we say in bluegrass, you’re a good old pal, (or young one, that is) so get well soon.

    Dr. B

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