An Emancipation Proclamation

Emancipated Steve Maddens

Today it’s rather sunny, so I thought I would celebrate by freeing my sandals, wedges, and peek a boo shoes from my closet.

I love shoes (as some know) but I don’t wear many different kinds during the winter. Snow and ice and cold demand sensible shoes. Sturdy Danskos and boots with no heels and lots of traction. (OK, I do own a pair of bitching stiletto boots, but those are for play, not for sporting on slippery surfaces.) So, in actuality, I maybe have three different pair of winter footwear.

As for the pretty sandals, I’ve got a closet full. Today, I noticed that since they’ve been lined up like silent soldiers, they are now covered in a light layer of dust. It took all of two hours to dust them off. If happy shoes could make a noise, the ones being emitted from my closet would be joyous squeals.

I celebrated the sun by wearing my Birkenstocks to work. Sure, it’s only about 50 degrees, but when you’ve endured a long hard winter, that feels semi-tropical.

Look above if you want to see an example of my shoes…



11 Responses

  1. I celebrated our 89 degrees a couple of days ago by buying new flip flops!

  2. Those are dead sexy, Pan.

  3. I hate wearing shoes.

  4. Who knew Mr. Rochester had a foot fetish…

  5. I’m partial to platforms myself.

  6. Lord Ms. Pande I have three pairs- two black, one brown, plus two pairs of golf shoes. What a boring guy!

    Dr. B

  7. Most guys only have three pair. And the ones who are golfers have two pair of those, one for just in case. 🙂

  8. I can’t do the heels anymore but I still love to drool over them. I’ve always been very glad I am a girl, and shoes are one reason.

  9. Those shoes are GORGEOUS. I want a pair instantly. Except that I’d be a giantess if I wore them and intimidate even more men… 🙂

  10. Yes, I love looking at them. I didn’t really have an outfit in mind when I bought them, and have been searching for the perfect dress ever since!

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