Max Escapes from the “Rock”

Our adorable little tuxedoed kitty, Max, stealthily slipped outside yesterday.

Bad, bad kitty.

I’m not exactly sure when that happened. He was there at lunch time, waiting by the back door, basking on his back on his usual spot the rug where a beam of sunlight was directed. I brought in my dry cleaning, but thought I had sufficiently shooed him away from the door.

For weeks now, he’s been positioned at the back door, making ready his escape. Unlike our last big fat cat, Buster, who was afraid every time the door opened and would run away to hide, Max actually wants to go outside to play. He likes watching squirrels, and we have a lot of them in our yard. However, we’ve sentenced our little kitty to being an indoor cat. Part of the reason is that he has no claws, but a huge part is because I don’t want to find him as road kill some day. We live outside of a major city and that’s a definite possibility. Plus, we once had a cat infect our home with fleas. It took about a month to fully rid the house of them, and we all suffered through bites.

We didn’t realize Max Attacks was gone until dinnertime. Where was the little dude? His usual modus operandi is to dive bomb our dinner, and he was conspicuously absent.

By bed time, my daughter was distraught and my husband went outside with his flashlight to look for him. I caught holy h*** for allowing this to happen.

Luckily, he heard us calling and came back.

We declined to give the dude solitary confinement, even though he deserves it. Instead, his human roommates will have to practice their diligence.


5 Responses

  1. I’m glad you found him. They are curious little guys. My daughter’s Naranja has taken to sneaking out the front door but he’s so fat that he’s not very fast so I can get him right away.

  2. Keeping him in is the kindest thing, even thought he may not think so, right now. They seem to get use to it. My big cat will adventure out too, but only as far as the porch.

  3. *looks disapproving* This is why taking our claws is not good, Pan. I’m so glad he came home!

  4. I know… I know… but he’ll never go out again, promise!

  5. Whew.

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