Dream Dog

I would like to preface this by saying that I have been looking into getting a dog from a rescue, as soon as my youngest goes off to college in the fall. My brother-in-law helps run a rescue in Los Angeles, and his belief is that you should never have to get a breeder dog because there are too many poor animals in shelters looking for homes. I’ve been taking my time and getting lots of information before I decide if that’s what I’m going to do.

This is a vivid dream which I had last night:

I dreamt that I went to a breeder of Boston Terriers. My sister has always had two Bostons in the house. They’re small and short-haired, are loyal and friendly, a perfect house dog. Except for occasional snoring, they don’t make much noise. If I were to get a dog, this would be the breed.

The breeder was a German man with a rather thick accent. He introduced me to the mother and then the father of the upcoming litters. (Seems weird.) Both dogs were very nice, even tempered, you could tell they liked each other, too. (Why this was a concern, I don’t know!) I asked if I could put a deposit down on one dog from a subsequent litter. I told the man I wanted a little girl, and he agreed, girls are the best.

We went into his home office to make the payment. He told me it had to be $300 in cash. I went to the breeder with $300 cash (very unusual, since I never carry cash), but along the way managed to spend $295 of it (I don’t know how!), so all I had left was a rumpled $5 bill. I took it out of my wallet and proceeded to dig around in my purse, hoping that I really hadn’t spent $295, but knowing that I did.

Finally, I asked if I could write a check. German man looked over his shoulder warily and said he really shouldn’t, his wife would be angry. He relented, and I started scribbling out a check for $295. While writing, I asked him when my puppy was born, could he please name it “Cooper” so she would be used to the name. He agreed, and scribbled the name down on my receipt.

Just then, German man’s wife came over, and nixed me writing the check. “NO, we can’t take deposits unless they are cash!” (She was quite the harpy.) I looked down at the counter and noticed that they also took major credit cards, so I asked if I could charge the deposit, to which both said “yes”. I was highly annoyed because I had written out the check and would then have to void it.

It seemed like only a minute, but I got my little puppy. I brought Cooper to work with me, where one of my office girls went ga-ga over how cute she was.

Then I woke up.

What does this mean?

10 Responses

  1. I think it means that you will have grandchildren who will live in Boston and who will be related to people who have escaped Nazis.

    Or something like that.

  2. That’s better than the alternative, which is to plunk down $600 for a dog.

  3. I’ll have to think about the meaning of this one. If I could tell you what I dreamed last night, I would but I can’t. Very strange dream for me.

  4. I think it means you should stop eating creampuffs at bedtime.

  5. It means the Germans have already embarked on their latest plan for World Domination, a Fourth Reich to be financed this time by a dastardly plot to destabilise world currency markets by charging $600 for non-existent puppies.

    And no, I’m not going to apologise to any Germans who might be reading this.

  6. Wanda, I’m on a diet. Cream puffs are not on my diet. I only dream of cream puffs.

    Truce, that is so funny!

  7. It means that Boston Terriers are such nice dogs, they even soften the hearts of Germans…?

    I’m having fun wondering what Sigmund would have to say about this.

  8. I was hoping Sigmund would appear to make a comment!

  9. We once had a dog with a large blotch on his back that looked like an ink blot.

    My wife was a psych major and had a premontion the dog wasn’t right. She named it “Roarsharch” after Freud’s ink blot test. We called him Sharky.

    I don’t know if it was nature or nuture, but that dog was crazy as H#!!.

    Dr. b

  10. Put the word out to local shelters that you want a female Boston Terrier. They get pure breeds in too, and you won’t have to drop $600 to get it.

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