Bad Kitty

Well, I can’t really call Max a “kitty” anymore, since he’s almost nine months old. Already he looks like an adult cat. Sometimes he acts like one too, playing the aloof card where before he was all about getting snuggles and kisses. After his one-day escape a couple of weeks ago, I thought he had gotten the wild oats out of his system. I was wrong.

I tell myself, at least he doesn’t bite me hard anymore. That’s a good thing.

I’ve found that he does have some “bad kitty” attributes. Like a lot of house cats, Max likes feet. He has taken a shine to nibbling at toes at night. Usually we are in a deep sleep when he attacks. I’m the kind of person who is cold all over except for my feet. My feet dangle outside of my blankets, and that has made for a wonderful target. There’s nothing like being startled out of a pleasant dream by the gnashing of kitty teeth, even if it’s only in play.

I’ve also noticed that like a lot of kitties, Max likes dirty socks. He’ll drag them out of laundry baskets and fling them all over the house. Of course, he doesn’t do this while we are at home; he waits until we go to work. Perhaps he’s playing with himself, or perhaps he is expressing his displeasure over our absence. Thank goodness summer is around the bend and socks will be off the wardrobe menu for a couple of months.

Max has also developed a taste for butter. I know this because I usually leave my butter out on the counter, and there have been more than one occasion where I’ve seen tiny kitty-sized tongue prints on the butter in my butter dish. Learning about this has necessitated the storing of butter in the refrigerator. Oh, well. That’s probably where it belongs anyway.

I learned early on not to leave my knitting on the couch. He made a spider web out of the entire lower level and part of the second floor by weaving yarn over everything. The only way I could clear a path to the kitchen was to machete through the string, thus destroying several skeins of very expensive yarn. He taught me a lesson, I’ll say.

Last weekend, I decided to place some of my hardier houseplants out on the back deck. They grow so much better in direct sunlight and with rain water. I use the summer to fatten them up for their eventual return to the wintertime dungeon that is my house. As I was dragging some of the larger ones out, I noticed that Max had decided to play in the dirt on some of the bigger ones. I thought he’d grown out of that bad habit once his tiny kitty body had become too big for my six-foot bamboo plant pot. Unbeknownst to me, he had shifted his attentions to my massive aloe vera, a plant that because of its nature needs little or no tending. Of course, with plants like that, I don’t pay attention.

I only have one thing to say: Bad Kitty.


13 Responses

  1. It sounds to me like you need an extra cat. 🙂

  2. Double the fun? I can barely keep up with this one!


  3. Kitties surprise you in the most surprising ways! 😉

  4. I don’t know Pan, it sounds like Max is a fun guy.

  5. He’s just bored. Two cats play with each other and get into way less trouble. Usually.

  6. Lucky for them they are so adorable.

    We have two cats and they do tend to do better with company. Now that they are older and cranky, they also tend to swat at each other more.
    Plants don’t do well here unless they are well out of reach.
    I’m familiar with the late night toe attack, though that hasn’t happened in a while. Can’t say I miss it. Our female cat was fascinated with eyelashes for about a month when she was a kitten. That was not good.

  7. Oh, I’m not sure what is going on with this post, but I’m not liking the “possible related posts” at the bottom of it.

  8. How strange! I just noticed that “possible related posts”. I haven’t seen it on any other blogs but I’ve been offline for a couple of days. I had to take my new laptop back and get another one and then I had to replace that one again today. So I’ve been “out of touch”.

  9. I think it’s a new feature after the WordPress upgrade. I read somewhere that you can turn it on and off.

  10. “The only way I could clear a path to the kitchen was to machete through the string”

    *still chuckling* sorry!

  11. That’s not a bad kitty … that’s just a kitty being a kitty. He won’t get any less bad as he grows older … he’ll just get more creative about it. Next thing you know, he’ll be learning how to unlock doors.

  12. When Max learns to use the toilet, including flushing, I will bow to his greatness!

  13. Sounds like a normal kitty to me too.

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