Virtual Reality

I’ve taken to watching odd channels on TV. I no longer watch local or national news. I still watch what used to be Court TV, A & E and the Discovery Channel, but only when there is programming with regard to real crime and forensics.

In between, I casually flip around and see what the rest of the 180 channels are about.

I can’t watch the Food Networks anymore. Too fattening, and an unreal portrayal of what it takes to create something delicious. Reality TV bites. I can’t stomach it. TV, as a whole, is pretty much junk entertainment, but like many times in real life I must have junk food and junk entertainment.

Last night, I flipped over to a Gamer’s Channel. (!) Who knew that there existed an entire network devoted to playing computer games? The program dealt with virtual reality, and how “virtual” reality is now becoming the real thing. Gamers no longer play the computer, but now they can play each other online.

This caused me to think. I believe most of my reality is “virtual” reality. I’m not sure if that’s a sad state of affairs or if that’s the wave of the future. I don’t play games online, but I certainly have an online presence.

I’ve made a lot of online friends. I have an Internet boyfriend. Many of my in-person friends and most of my relatives find staying in touch online as easier. Except for the connection fees, it’s cheaper. It’s more immediate than writing a letter in your best penmanship, although I’ve been known to visit the local card shop and pick out something pretty to send via snail mail.

The Internet is my virtual reality.

It’s my little community.

Through friendship with others like me, I share my pain and my pleasure. If I want to learn about people on the other side of the globe, I can. The Internet is my school and library. It’s the town hall and the shopping mall.

Last week, I talked to an online friend using my computer. It was really cool! This accomplished even though we’re on different time zones. The next step: getting a web cam so we can all chat at the same time. Unlike the chat rooms of old, we will be able to actually hear each other speak.

It’s a brave new world out there.

15 Responses

  1. Virtual reality in the way you’ve described it, is really pretty good. Sometimes it’s better than the actual reality!

  2. I’m such a loser. I have missed you. I’m glad you had a decent mother’s day.

  3. Ditto! I’ve met some of the best people ever online. 🙂

  4. We have the same TV show addictions. I don’t have cable, but when I did… crime shows galore.

    I have one friend that I met online that I’ve known for about 8 years. We talk on the phone and email each other constantly, but I’ve never met her IRL. She’s as real a friend to me as the ones I can see in front of me.

  5. Oh– and speaking of the Food Network, why do they show it on the TV at the gym, when I’m trying so hard to be good?

  6. Because like Disney, the Food Network is the Devil.

  7. Yes, it is.

    I have a webcam, but I don’t know how to use it. I’m so lame.

  8. I hate reality TV, but I can’t give up Food Network, especially now that I’m trying in earnest to lose weight. I have to live vicariously through Alton Brown and Duff Goldman.

  9. I wonder how those two stay so slim.

  10. My mac at work has a built in webcam, so I use it a lot to ‘video-call’ the artists I work with. They’re based all over the world, in different time zones, and English is not the first language for many of them, so being able to a) see each other and read body language and b) show work in progress and draw comments on it for them to see are REALLY useful.

    I don’t play games online or in real life, I’d rather read a book. Or read a blog 🙂

  11. Web cams. I would have never thought I’d say this twenty years ago, or even a year ago, but I am now liking the idea.

  12. Ms. Pande,

    I don’t have any use for T.V. either- too passive. I love medicine and music, but I have enjoyed my writing too.

    At least on the right places on the Net, one can exchange ideas and abstract thought. I find our wordpress community to be that way.

    It is about all that separates us from the biological world, and I am thankful to be a part of it.

    Dr. B

  13. The computer phone thing is amazing, isn’t it? Every two weeks, I spend two hours talking to my BFF in France, for free! It’s astonishing.

  14. David – yep, I had a video-computer-call from my brother on Friday and it made my day, nay, my entire week.

    I may have to post about it.

    You have been warned.

    Also, what’s a BFF?

  15. Best Friend Forever?

    Yes, I talked to MIB, which was kind of wild. It wasn’t easy for me either. I’m rather technologically challenged.

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