Finally, A Post I Can Sink My Teeth Into: President of RG’s Virtual Fan Club

One of the bloggers I love to follow, who once went by Random Name, has recently appointed me (or so I think) President of Random Granddaughter’s Virtual Fan Club. If you have a second, you can read about it here if you don’t believe me.

I have to say one thing about RN, and that is that I have followed him before, in another area of the Internet. (Not like my best Internet boyfriend, but that’s another story altogether.) RN probably doesn’t even remember me, but in this area he set up his own world, Cyberia, where he was the sole ruler of it. I was one of maybe two others in the group. I thought there was something wickedly off-kilter with Cyberia, and surmised that RN probably had more brain cells than he knows what to do with. (Just imagining. I don’t know for sure. He probably uses all of them, I don’t know.) I would link you, but I’m avoiding that web site like one avoids the plague.

As President of RG’s Virtual Fan Club, I would like to direct one and all over to the postings about this remarkable little girl. She’s precocious, she’s well loved. She’s smart. At four, she’s already got more sass than I have. I can only hope that one day one of my children will bless me with a grandchild so amazing. I’m pretty sure that won’t be happening, though. There can only be one RG. I have the distinct feeling that we will be calling her “President” (as in the United States and not of a virtual fan club) RG in about 30 years or so.

I hope I’m still alive to witness the event.


8 Responses

  1. A hit, a very palpable hit.

    I am undone. Someone who appreciates both Cyberia and admires Her Little Princess Highness, Random Granddaughter.

    1) One of these days I will post the Cyberia story on my wordpress site.

    2) RG is not going to be President. Her friend Mia, a few weeks older than she is, a little bit smarter, and a bit of an obsessive-compulsive control freak, will someday be the Director of Homeland Security (or whatever it will be called three decades from now).

    RG, more articulate already than is good for her (not to mention us) will be the person you will call when you are allowed to make one phone call.

    As far as the abundance of brain cells, my wife, with a far greater intelliegence for the practical tasks of life, often points out to me that I am missing quite a few of the brain cells necessary for accomplishing those aforementioned everyday tasks of life. Pretty soon RG will join Random Daughter (aka Mama), Random Daughter’s Birth Mother (aka Mommy) and Grandma in pointing out Grandpa’s intellectual and practical deficiencies. The estrogen gets pretty potent at times.

    You are a magnificent fan club President. Elvis is spinning in his grave in envy.

  2. Mr. Random is a fave of mine. Congrats on your appointment to this prestigious post.

  3. Thanks, RN. You’re right. The power of estrogen often overcomes intelligence. I’m saying this because I’m a woman and can admit to my own female inconsistencies. Alas, if RG is not president, I hope she becomes a well-known defense attorney garnering big bucks while making herself and her client look completely innocent. That’ll be a trick, for sure, but I’m sure she can pull it off.

    Now I must research more RG postings. *sigh* I wish I had photos. I imagine RG looking something like a cross from the Wendy of Wendy’s hamburger fame and Dakota Fanning. But I could be totally off the mark there.

  4. Wow! That is one righteous shout-out. When I publish the novel, will you be president of my virtual fan club? Assuming anyone reads the thing, I mean?

  5. Only if you do the same for me, Tigereye.

  6. Congratulations! RG absolutely deserves a fan club, and I can’t think of a better person to head it up.

  7. RG gets my vote for President of the World and Empress of All, no questions.


    And she’s cute as a button, too!

  8. I hope I’m still alive to witness the event to!
    I think RG deserves a fan club more than anyone!


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