Shanti Kitty… The Best Pet I Ever Had

Stealing a page from Dr. Bibey’s blog. Thanks for jogging the memories.

I was in college when I found Shanti Kitty. She was a tabby gray cat, and the best pet I ever had. I can’t remember how I got her. I think my aunt’s cat had a litter and I inherited Shanti. She had a sweet disposition. I don’t know what it is about pets, but you can tell right away if your personalities are going to click. Shanti was perfect for me at the time.

When I was in college, I majored in art. Shanti was not only a very nice kitty, she was really easy to draw, too. Unlike the spazz cat I have now, Shanti’s favorite thing to do was sleep.

I loved her so much, I explored her being in many mediums. Pencil, pen and ink, acrylic. I even put her into my self-portrait.

Like many cats, Shanti also liked to go outside. I was a dumb college kid back then, and I didn’t realize that for kitties, going outside can be a treacherous business. I lived on a busy street in a busy city. One day, I went to the bar across the street from my apartment to meet some friends. It was summer. That’s where I learned Shanti had entered the open back door of the bar, and was chased out through the open front door, and was run over by a car.

Animal control came and got her, so I never got to say goodbye. They didn’t even take off her blue rhinestone collar.

That night, I went home (drunk) with Mike Waltz. Let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty sight and I did some things I shouldn’t have.

After that, I was depressed for months.

This post sounds really sad and depressing, but I’m glad I had her for the short year and a half that I did. She was entertainment and inspiration. She was a leg warmer in the frozen Tundra. She listened to my problems and didn’t sass back.

She was perfect.

16 Responses

  1. amazing drawings!

  2. I love the drawings. I used to do some of that, and in high shcool thought I might major in art, but we had this one kid who was SO good. He went on to work for Universal Studios. I don’t think I’d a made it, and the Doc gig worked out.

    Dr. B

  3. Thanks. I’m no artist, that’s for sure. I was eclipsed by several of my classmates. But, Shanti was my inspiration.

  4. You did good. *bumps Joanne affectionately* And Shanti is a wonderful cat-name!

  5. I didn’t know you were an artist Pan. Love the sketches!

  6. Thanks, Kitty/Panda.

  7. lovely sketches Pan, they express ‘catness’ perfectly! 🙂

  8. She was beautiful, and the artwork is very good. Is there some talent you don’t have? 🙂

  9. Thanks. I lack the “making money” talent, Tigereye. If I had it, I’d be on a beach with my sketch pad.

  10. Love the artwork!

    And the story.

  11. Oh, kitty. This is a very sad story in kind of a good way.

    It’s funny how we “recognize” our pets, isn’t it? I knew that all of my girls were supposed to be my cats. I didn’t even want another cat when I saw the weasel, but it was painfully clear that she was my cat, so I had to have her.

  12. David, that’s exactly how I felt about Nick!

  13. That’s how I feel about Maxx Attacks. He’s not as lovey-dovey as Shanti, but he loves sleeping with me.

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  16. Great sketch!

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