It’s True What They Say About Golf

There’s this adage implying that a bad day at the golf course is better than a good day at work.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Actually, since there are rarely any good days at work, a bad day anywhere else doing anything else would be better than working.

I know. I have a bad attitude. This is particularly treacherous since I own the business. I also realize that my bad attitude sparks more negativity. That is why I’ve been excusing myself from the office and going home to write. Or, I’ll go home and mow the lawn or dig up more grass for my garden. I thought I would miss being “in the loop” but I don’t really.

So yesterday, we decided to golf. It was a nice day, not too hot and not too chilly. There was a hint of bad weather, as we were getting reports from the Left Coast of our state saying that the area there was under tornado warnings and penny-sized hail. (Hail is flat like a penny? Since when?)

I am happy to report that I made a couple of really brilliant shots. I also whiffed the ball a couple of times. My short game sucks. I was only in the bunker, twice, which was nice. It was so humid yesterday that the greens were soft and spongy, thus slowing down the ball, and so my putting really stunk.

Right as we were approaching the ninth green, the clouds descended and roiled around. It looked a lot like a tornado to me. I forfeited my hole and headed for the safety of the cart (which isn’t very safe at all, but beats standing out in the open with a metal putter in your hand), while my husband decided to finish out the hole. It was tough. The wind picked up and blew him all around. However, after a short pit stop at the clubhouse rounding the turn, the sun came out. Go figure.

The rest of the day was picture perfect. Even with a score up in the 120s, it was good.

6 Responses

  1. I’m glad YOU didn’t get blown about by the tornado-y clouds! Geeeesh! Where would I go to read good blogs if that happened to you?

  2. You may ban me from your blog for this comment. There’s a book about golf called something like, A Good Walk Spoiled. which about sums up my attitude about golf.

    Nevertheless, I do realize there is something about putting things in holes that appeals to people.

  3. No way I can follow that last comment, so I’ll just say glad you didn’t blow away.

  4. pandemonic

    More book recommendations for you to add to your list of books you don’t have time to read.

    Aaron Elkins writes popular mysteries about an anthropologist detective. His wife has written a couple of books about a professional woman golfer who is just beginning her career on the LPGA. In the usual unrealistic fashion of mystery books, people keep getting killed while golf tournaments are taking place, and she has to solve the mystery inbetween teeing up.

  5. “Nevertheless, I do realize there is something about putting things in holes that appeals to people.” Okay, I’m a 12 year old. *giggles uncontrollably* 😀

  6. I must admit, that comment was priceless. It should be matted, framed and put next to that darling photo of Random Granddaughter.

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