Typing Til Your Fingers Fall Off

That’s what I did yesterday. I worked on my book. Now my fingers are sore, and so is my back from sitting for six hours in my most excellent purple chair.



8 Responses

  1. Send me your chair. . .

  2. Not a chance, LFC.

    My little fluffy cat sits behind my head when I sit in my favorite chair. He keeps my ears warm. 😛

  3. I have stacks of transcripts spread before me on the floor, where I’m flipping back and forth between them and reading them (and will be for hours more). I’m sure tomorrow my lower back will be screaming at me, and then we can be Pain Pals.

  4. I want a purple chair. I have an orange sofa.

  5. I’m thinking about writing a novel. And doing NaNoWriMo again this year. This time I’ll have time. Please remind me I said this in a few months.

  6. I need a cozy chair of my own. 😦

  7. I relish the writing time more than the purple chair but that doesn’t sound half bad either!

  8. I need a pain pal. That’s how I can tell I’m getting old. You need someone to discuss aches and pains with.

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