A Celebration of Low Cholesterol

No, I’m not talking about eating twigs and berries for dinner. I’m not giving up my carnivore ways, either.

I’m celebrating the results of my latest cholesterol test. My fat levels came in around 180~


Either medication and a proper diet helps, or my test results were switched at the lab. Because the latter is more likely than the former, I will not gorge on a double Whopper today.

16 Responses

  1. Stay the course! No double Whoppers!

  2. Good for you! I’d celebrate, too.

  3. My boyfriend scolded me for eating an avacado sandwich the other day! Just bread and avocado! But he said avacado is high in cholesterol. Poop!

  4. Avocado, I mean. 🙂

  5. Avocado’s high fat but as far as I understand it nothing that’s not animal has cholesterol — and the avocado fats are good for you, at least.

    Good for you, Joanne! I need to be less fluffy, I was supposed to lose an unconscionable amount of weight before I see the doc next — it’s so not going to happen. I’ve given up flavored liquid creamer, though, it’s amazing how many calories that stuff has.

  6. My cholesterol is down, but I’m still incredibly fluffy. 😦 There’s no getting rid of that stuff.

  7. Mmm…double Whopper….

  8. Good for you. Cholesterol has not been my biggest problem, though it could be a little lower. Blood pressure and genetics are my dangers. Given that my father died before 50 of a heart attack, I am absolutely amazed that I am still alive at 64. Every day I am alive is astonishing. I have lost about 30pounds over the last three months; probably need to get down another 30.

    Enough about me (hopelessly self-centered is another of my many flaws). Congratulations to you. Keep it up. Or down.

  9. Yay, go Pandemonic!

    I would show you a pretty revolting photo of cholesterol deposits in an artery which we just used in one of our books, but I will spare you!

  10. Thanks, Truce. I know what it looks like.

    Hey, RN, my mother died young of a heart attack as well so thinking about the possibility is always in the back of my mind. She was only 58. My father has genetically high cholesterol (he’s practically a vegetarian) and has had two heart attacks. I’m doomed by my genes.

    Since I’m rounding the corner to 58 I’m in a perpetual state of holding my breath.

  11. Avocado has the good cholesterol.

    I’m proud of you girlfriend. 🙂 It’s something to be concerned about and all.

    My love, why didn’t you tell me you were venturing southeast? I am mondo supero jealous.

  12. I recently found out that my mom has high cholesterol– you’d never guess by looking at her. I guess I just assumed that all the people in my fam who have high cholesterol had it because they eat a lot of Meat Lover’s Pizza. It scares me to think that it might be genetic. I haven’t been tested since age 19, when my cholesterol was 117!

  13. Crippy… How did you know? 🙂

    Yes, you’d never know I had fat globs in my veins. I’m reasonably thin. My father is thin. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

  14. I’m a good nurse. I refuse to have mine checked.

  15. Way to go!

    Mr W and I give blood regularly, and since they run a cholesterol test they assume you’ll fast before donating. We always treat ourselves to a big breakfast first, because donating on an empty stomach makes me ill.
    After eggs, bacon, and pancakes, mine came back at 450. They, of course, suggested I see my doctor. 🙂

  16. I once had a cholesterol test done after eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. My doctor thought I should be dead.

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