The Lazy Woman’s Summer Dinner

There’s nothing like high temperatures and even higher humidity to make a woman lazy. As you can see from yesterday’s post, I’ve all of a sudden been all about doing nothing. Well, as little as humanly possible. I can barely stand to practice the violin, as I get all perspiry in a matter of minutes. Ditto the yoga, which I’ve been trying to do a little of each day. I was only able to tackle two hours of weeding, and I definitely have another eight on the horizon. If the weather doesn’t let up, I won’t mow the lawn until September.

Yesterday’s dinner was all about chilly foods. We had cold cut sandwiches, fruit salad and pasta salad. I should amend that; the pasta salad, which originally had farfalle, chopped olives, chopped tomatoes and cucumbers (from the garden), onions and feta, was without something significant. LIKE PASTA. That’s because unbeknownst to us, my daughter decided to pick through the container and eat all of the bow-ties before dinner.

Today, it’s even hotter outside, and the humidity is far more brutal. My husband, the Dear Mr. Demonic, is already talking about dinner. I don’t even want to eat, much less think about preparing food. (This is very unusual, since I’m rather a food snob and would love nothing better than to cook all day long.)

Tonight’s dinner will consist of cucumbers and grape tomatoes (because I have plenty of those lying about) and maybe some melon. Homemade mustard potato salad and Italian sandwiches with cappacola, prosciutto and genoa salamis. And a tall glass of refreshing lemonade (hand squeezed), with or without a shot of something extra.

Or maybe I’ll just lie under the ceiling fan with my current book of the moment and try not to expend any energy.


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  1. I’ve been on a not-cooking-with-heat kick lately– made some Bastardized Taboulleh yesterday. Supereasy. Mine has way less parsley and way more cucumbers and tomatoes than conventional (authentic) recipes. Go get you some burghul, green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers (wherever will you find any??), parsley, etc. and get ready to not cook! Makes great cold leftovers, too.

  2. I take the truly lazy woman’s way out of cooking.

    I let Kevin do it.

  3. Every woman needs a Kevin. [sigh]

  4. Any husband of mine who wondered outloud what was for dinner – especially in that heat and humidity – would get the following response from the sofa under the ceiling fan:

    “well, that will depend on what you’re making, now won’t it?”

  5. you can make a really spiffy cold spaghetti sauce by putting diced romas in pesto — and then if you use fresh angelhair pasta and dump lil frozen shrimp in at the same time, just toss the whole thing….mmmm….

  6. It’s been so hot and humid here, I’ve skipped lunch two days in a row, and only eaten a very light supper, after it cools off some.
    The pool does help some. and beer.

  7. The lazy man’s summer dinner, at least here, is ice water and several handfuls of chili rice crackers.

    And I wonder why my stomach hurts?

  8. I wonder why your stomach doesn’t hurt more! 🙂

  9. Lazy woman’s summer dinner here consists of wedges of fresh tomato, drizzled with garlic & fresh basil infused oil. A side of thickly sliced cucumbers, and a big hunk of crusty bread drizzled with (what else?) more oil. All accompanied by a nice tall glass of iced tea.

    Or, sometimes on lazy woman’s rushed summer dinner night it becomes a $5.00 footlong at Subway. Bonus there is, lunch tomorrow!

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