I returned home from work yesterday afternoon, and found that someone, something ROBBED MY PEAR TREE!

No crap. Check it out.

There were at least two dozen pears on it yesterday morning, all about the size of ping pong balls. When I pulled in next to the tree last night, there was ONE. That’s the one on the right. For all I know, that one might be gone by today when I get home.

I wish I could say that pear guts were all over the yard, but there wasn’t anything for debris.

I’m so depressed, I don’t know what to do. No canned pears this year. No poached pears. No pears flambe.

I need a drink. Make mine a pear flavored cosmo, and make it a double.

18 Responses

  1. Dang, the economy is worse than I thought!

    That’s pretty crappy, stealing fruit out of someone’s yard.

  2. Dang that’s something. why would someone steal fruit out of someones yard.

  3. I thought it might be a squirrel, but squirrels are pretty sloppy. Plus, the freakin’ fruit isn’t even ripe yet! They’re about a month away from ripeness!

    My husband thought it might be a teenager. Or a few.

  4. I vote teenager too. The sheer assholery of leaving one lonesome pear has teenager written all over it.

    I think you should go all Bill Murray-and-the-gopher on the neighborhood kids…

  5. I vote teenager, for throwing purposes. Prolly someone got their window broken and you just don’t know. I will also see your pears and raise you a package stolen off my front porch. Sure, Fedex, I’ll leave it out for pickup — not. . . .

  6. Execution is justified and called for. Violation. Terrible.

  7. Your pears were poached, heheheee.

    It was probably the Masons. I think there is a pear-stealing ring tied into their quest for global domination.

  8. *guilty laughter at Stevo’s comment*

    That sucks, Pan!
    It does sound like a teen thing to do.

  9. My daughter does have a contingent of people who don’t like her. They egged the house one day.

    But my disabled neighbor (who is cranky, never says hello, and is constantly yelling at his dog) could be the culprit too. I think he’s jealous that my garden is looking nicer than his.

  10. Yeah, I’m thinking cranky old neighbor. Jealousy does a lot of irrational things!

  11. Well, thats just odd. Something like that would make the local news down here in podunk. I expect there would be many slack-jawed yokels milling about.

  12. Maybe they are the ones who immigrated from down south. There’s a bunch of those around…

  13. Yeah, not the sort of undesirables one wants hanging about. Thats why I didn’t stay too long.

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  15. That takes nerve … and assholery.

  16. I’m surprised. It’s been many days since my pears disappeared, and I still have my one and lonely pear. Which makes me think the others were thieved for throwing purposes.

  17. That is so despicable, I really sympathise. definitely sounds like some kind of human, rather than bird or animal, type thievery though.


  18. I’m voting for teenagers too. Unripe fruit make for some find ammunition.

    If you ever find your way to the back alleys of Point Richmond and you find my ridiculously prolific pear tree, feel free to help yourself.

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