Wintertime in the Rockies

My daughter and I drove to Utah today, about halfway to California.

The past two days on the Front Range have been all about rain. It was a good thing, because they haven’t had much rain in the last month or so. Of course, Mother Nature waited until I drove into town to throw down a monsoon.

When we left this morning, it was cold and still raining steadily. I haven’t seen this kind of rain since we were in NorCal over a Christmas a couple of years ago. That’s when the Napa River flooded the day after we left. It’s usually dry in Colorado, rain normally is an afternoon event, not something lasting three days. I saw four roll-over accidents on the interstate before we drove out of the city limits.

As we took the freeway through the mountains west of Denver, we were shocked to see snow! It was a light dusting, but enough to clog the freeway and cause it to shut down for twenty minutes while the snow plows made a pass just east of the Eisenhower Tunnel.

When we got out of the car on the other side of the tunnel, we weren’t the only ones dazed. The temperature had dropped another twenty degrees, and my daughter and I were shivering in our summer clothes.

The unexpected snowstorm caused me to drive slower than I had expected. We were a few hours behind schedule.

A hundred miles past, on the Western Slope, the temperatures were in the 80s and the sky was blue. Welcome to wintertime in the Rockies.

3 Responses

  1. I hope you ladies are having a great trip, I love that part of the country. I have traveled a great deal of it on motorcycle. If you think the weather changes are fun in a car, you should try it in the open air.

  2. Dang! Be careful out there.

  3. Yes, be careful! I guess a cross country driving trip can bring all sorts of changes in the weather, even in the span of a few hours!

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