From the Far Reaches of the Wilderness

I am staying with my sister in San Diego. Scratch that. I am staying in northern San Diego County. I might as well be in the Alaskan outback for all that matters.

Her home is situated in a lovely rolling valley surrounded by avocado trees and citrus. This makes for a pastoral environment, but is hell when it comes to the internet.

There’s some local wireless available, but the signal is weak. I have a laptop connect card, but half of the time I can’t connect at all. The other half of the time, I’m struggling to keep a connection. In fact, I can barely get any cell phone coverage at all. I’m going to have a serious discussion with that Verizon salesman when I get home.

I can’t deal with pages loading at the speed of a snail’s pace, so you may not be hearing from me for a while. Besides, I have to get the young one up to move into college today.

11 Responses

  1. Pand…Pan…Pan…come in Pan, come in bzzscrch…scrch…damn static…has anybody heard from Pandemonic?

    Send out the St Bernard cat with a flask.

  2. Pssst….did the Verizon Man tell you that AT&T is the only way to go in California? Verizon has very poor reception in Cali!

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Atleast we know you didn’t fall off the planet.

    Good luck with the kiddo.

  4. Wishing you cooler weather for the move today. Thanks for the dinner!

  5. Oh Pan! I have been in the internet / cell phone / dead zones before. . . I tell you, you’re looking at one little cat who does NOT laugh at those dead zone commercials on TV! Hang in there!

  6. You probably can’t login to read this reply.

  7. I feel for you, but be thankful your connection to the internet isn’t an undersea cable that can be severed. That’s hell.

  8. One more day… I’m hanging on like a cat hanging by its toenails.

  9. Kinda off topic, but do you mind if I add you on my blogroll?

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