My Server

It’s still down. It’s Monday, which makes being down a very bad thing.

I’ll be online playing around until it comes up. So prepare for long and insightful comments, instead of things that come right off the top of my head with no forethought.


3 Responses

  1. Okay. I’m prepared. Write a way!

  2. Mondays are bad enough without problems. Half my staff didn’t show today. They’re not going to like me tomorrow.

  3. Not long after I wrote this, the computer dude came by and hooked us up. There were two things wrong:

    1. The two servers are no longer connected to each other, so I would have had to TURN on the other one. DUH. I felt like a goof.

    2. AT&T (who I hate with a passion anyway) recently came and re-routed our lines to VoIP, and therefore changed all of the settings on all the computers. Which is why none of us could log on to the server. If you saw the two idiots who came here to install, you’d understand why that would have been messed up.

    I did manage to write two reviews for the other place.

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