Today is September 11

Today is September 11. Certainly, it’s an anniversary to mourn and ponder. But a day, which started out like any other, and now will never be the same. It has all changed now.

I didn’t know anyone personally who died that day. But I do know people who did lose those unlucky friends and family members, and that thin degree away was close enough for me.

People who were born on September 11 or have wedding anniversaries or other festive life milestones on that day, will never again look at the day as a time for celebration.

September 10, now that was a day that was carefree. We were blissful in our ignorance. We are forever doomed to the permanent loss of our innocence of September 10.

September 11 comes every year, and now its meaning is tinged with sorrow. We shouldn’t forget; we never will.

September 12 dawned after a night filled with news that brought no relief. But even though the grief was enormous, in reality, September 12 is the real day to celebrate. It’s the day that brought people from all over the world together through adversity. It was the day that heroism became a real living word and not a buzz word.

It was a time to reevaluate. That’s what I did. For all the horror of September 11, seeing those images made me look at my life, and I made a concerted effort to change it. I’m not sure how successful I’ve been because I’m not perfect, but I keep picking at it.

I can’t stop people from warring, and I can’t talk terrorists into what I think is common sense. I can only change my own world from the inside out.

3 Responses

  1. Amen!

    Today is my oldest granddaughter’s eighth birthday. I’m lucky to have that to hold on to when I get dark.

  2. Pan, that’s all we can do. Do our best to make a difference, and start with ourselves.

  3. If only somehow we could all make music, not war….

    Dr. B

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