Taking a Sabbatical from Garbage

The current political season has left me spent. Add to that our declining business, shaky economy and my girls-gone-wild 18 year old on the Left Coast, and I can honestly say there were times in the last month when I really and truly wanted to run away from home. You know, jump into the car and head south or west and drive until I hit an ocean. Before the Republican Convention, I had toyed with the idea of Alaska, but I’m now thinking that our last frontier is not far enough away. (It’s not Sarah Palin, really…)

Politics is starting to irk me. The barrage of television advertising in particular has gone from the Annoying Level to the Sickening Level. I can’t even find “Forensics Files” or “American Justice” without having to be subjected to continual mudslinging. I tried to find a weather forecast as Hurricane Ike’s eye ended up right over my house, but all I had to channel surf through commentaries. (For those who really want to know, Ike came, it rained like a monsoon for a day and a half.)

I write on another (couple of) forums, and petty political sniping is all I see there. What used to be interesting reading (I especially like reading others’ views) has become nothing less than a free-for-all. Emotions are running high.

People are now yelling at each other when they’re not trying to insert “gotcha” moments, you know, something like pigs in lipstick. What sows wear on their lips not important to me; for Petey’s sake, I seldom wear lipstick myself, and don’t recommend it for any mammal. Besides, there are far more serious issues than comparing people to animals in various forms of make up. For all of the fray, for all of the noise, no one is being heard. In the end, though, it’s all garbage.

Friday, I decided to take a “mostly” sabbatical from garbage. I say “mostly” because I managed to come here and rant about my daughter, and I managed to go over there and rant about the stupid level that the political process has now sunk to. I refused to get sucked into any ideological commenting, which was fine by me. I also refused to watch TV, and only looked briefly for hurricane reports.

So what did I do?

Here’s one thing I did:

I made jewelry. Lots of it. I just started experimenting with it a couple of weeks ago, and now find myself inexplicably drawn to bead shows and craft shops. I found these really cute little charms, and voila! the “Be Here Now” bracelet was born.

“Be Here Now.” I remember that mantra from the early ’70s. Even though there was a war going on, things seemed tranquil compared to today. There was plenty of excitement, but no sniping.

I also canned a lot of tomatoes and corn. Buying a pressure canner was the best investment I could have made. We can’t eat the tomatoes fast enough, and I’m going to love opening a jar in December.

This weekend, I also started Chapter 13 of my novel. Coincidentally, Chapter 13 is when my main character gets the worst of her bad news. Her life plummets from a pleasant complacency to the gates of Hell, before taking a turn toward normal. I toyed with the idea of skipping right over Chapter 13, you know like some hotels do with the 13th floor. But serendipity intervened, and I’m not arguing with that kind of Karma.

I knocked off a couple of restaurant reviews I had on the back burner as well. Remembering what I had to eat during my vacation put me back into a California kind of mood.

I also took some time to read. Yes, read a book. Although, I have to say I am reading books written by our major political candidates, but I figured doing so would enlighten me more than watching TV would.

And finally, I finished cleaning out Ms. MiniD’s room. I took all of the photos stuck onto the walls and boxed them up with her knickknacks and doo-dads and put everything in the attic. I plan on painting the room, in a color she will no doubt hate.  She had admonished me NOT to do that before she left, but seeing that her behavior has led to some consternation on my part, I found that I no longer gave a damn what she thought. It was somewhat freeing, even though I found evidence that in addition to drinking and having sex, she was also smoking weed.


There’s garbage everywhere, isn’t there?

By the way, if any of you see a gray Prius speeding south or west, please do not stop it.

9 Responses

  1. After the week you’ve had, I’d just jump out of the way.

    It gets better, and you get use to the fact that you’re no longer in control. Letting them suffer their own consequences is hard, but you get use to that too.

  2. I want the bracelet. E-mail me. Do it nowwwww….. *nips ankle gently* 😉

  3. I can’t believe you made jewelry! Guess what I did this weekend? I made jewelry! I brought my beads with me from California, one of the few things that came with me (because it came early when I thought I would have room and time for everything). I took it all out on Saturday and I made jewelry! I even took one of the items to a woman who hosted a potluck I went to tonight!

  4. beautiful bracelet, Pan and I love the ‘Be Here Now’ mantra.

    As for the speeding Prius, I’m on the side of Pacific Highway with my thumb out, okay? 😉

  5. Ah, Shawn. But it ain’t over yet. It got a lot worse last night. 😦 But I keep telling myself it will get better someday…

    LFC, some people have been telling me to sell! I was thinking more along the lines of presents for my favorite people.

    Corina! GMTA! 🙂 You should post photos of yours.

    Trucie… The PCH is my favorite place to be. I’d be a hobo just to be there. 🙂

  6. pan:

    We are a bad combination, you and I.

    1) You don’t even want to know about what I read on the evangelical Christian web site and what I tell them their political beliefs.

    2) You don’t even want to know about what’s going on with my job (though a crack of it is good among the horrors. But if you check your email you can get on the small mailing list I am setting up because I am trying to stop blogging about it because it’s too dangerous.

    3) Gray Prius? I don’t see no stinking Gray Prius.

  7. RN:

    1. Let me at ’em. As an agnostic, I love evangelical Christians.
    2. You don’t want to know what is going on in my job either. At least you have a pension. (I’m thinking you must, since you’re teaching. Don’t all teachers have fat pensions? They do in my state.)
    3. That’s because the gray Prius can go about 105 if I really put my foot down.

  8. Re #3.

    Only if you peddle really, really fast.

    I am not exactly a teacher. I work for a library system. A I am only barely vested, so we shall starve on the island. We will have to start eating the bunnies we shoot. Our motto will be “Live free and starve.”

  9. Sorry, RN. I guess I elevated you to a government position with a fat salary and fatter benefits. I confused you with someone else. I think that guy’s last name is Mirror. My apologies.

    At least you have bunnies. They taste good. We have squirrels, and they’re not as tasty. If you find yourself in very dire times, let me know. I will catch a few to send to you. I hear they taste like chicken.

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