A Quick Update on Mr. D’s Lost Ponytail

This is really not an update, because I never informed anyone that my husband, the dear Mr. Demonic, had a ponytail, much less a lost one.

I only bring this up because a couple of posts ago, when I was mentioning Mr. D’s silver-topped head, I remembered that he had his ponytail (from his high school, hippie days) stashed somewhere in house. I thought I would look for it, photograph it and show it to all of you here in the cyberworld that he did indeed have very brown hair. In fact, Mr. D’s hair, upon graduation from high school, was much longer than my own upon my graduation from the very same institution in the same year but a thousand miles away.

The ponytail was (I thought) safely secured in my hope chest, the very same one that contains every letter we wrote to each other while dating (about 1500 total), as well as my original Earth Shoes of 1975, and the rose petals of every bouquet he gave me. Imagine my surprise to find it mysteriously vamoosed.

Perhaps I had taken it out and put it somewhere else? That has happened in the past. The Demonic household has managed to procure so much junk, it’s amazing. Even though I make it a special point to throw away “stuff” with regularity, we are still inundated. We have had several things turn up missing over the last couple of years. For example, my mother-in-law’s ashes, a half dozen old swords – collectible, but not worth much, money, one of my paintings from college. Some of the missing we have attributed to Ms. MiniD’s friends, some we just don’t know.

Alas, but after overturning the entire house, I have failed to locate Mr. D’s ponytail. Mr. D doesn’t seem very worried about it. We still have the photographs to prove that his hair was long and brown.

7 Responses

  1. I wonder why things turn up missing? Shouldn’t they turn up found? Must be one of those weird Americanisms.

  2. They are somewhere. There is an island somewhere in the Pacific with everybody’s missing momentos and missing in action personal effects. The natives on the island are very puzzled by all the weird stuff that turns up.

  3. Well, I hope someone puts it in a box and sends it back. The stuff that’s missing is stuff that no one should want. Well, except the money…

  4. One of these days, when you least expect it, you’ll stick your hand in a drawer or a dark corner and you’ll feel that hair and of course you will have forgotten about the lost pony tail and you’ll think it’s a furry creature and you’ll jump up and scream and end up in a total panic!

  5. You have some very odd things go missing. If you do find it later, I hope someone gets video. 😀

  6. Perhaps I should get my locks changed…

    Corina, that hair is rather disturbing. I believe it’s wrapped in paper, so I doubt if I’d stick my hand in a drawer like that and come up surprised.

    Of course, you never know…

  7. I reckon Mr Demonic has quietly binned said pony-tail, destroying the evidence that he was ever anything but his current ‘blonde’.


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